Punta Fuego | Batangas, Philippines

Punta Fuego | Batangas, Philippines

Hello! I’m Arrianne and I’m from Manila, Philippines. I work full-time in the corporate world. During weekends, I explore the travel realm, too. My infatuation for writing, photography, and traveling led me to create this personal backpacking tale repository. Travel Habeat (habit+eat) is my passion project, an extensive array of gastronomic adventures mainly from the Philippines, Asia, and hopefully in the near future, the rest of the world. Enchanté!

When, how, and why did I start traveling?

Lang-aw Island | Palawan, Philippines

Lang-aw Island | Palawan, Philippines

Apart from occasional out-of-town family trips when I was younger, I didn’t really travel that far. When I joined the corporate world, I was fortunate to be surrounded with people bitten by the travel bug, too. Starting to wander with colleagues in local destinations, the traveler in me was awaken. Aside from earning my own money, I was glad that cheaper airfares had slowly surfaced the market around 2011 that greatly paved way for yuppies like me to explore.

Wakeboarding | Bicol, Philippines

Wakeboarding at Camsur Watersports Complex| Bicol, Philippines

Growing up with ardent infatuation for photography and writing, I have always been fascinated with food, culture, nature, and adventure. And travel is the only thing I know that marries all of these interests I have.

How do I travel with my full-time job?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like the other people who dream of leaving their job one day to pursue a life of travel. I enjoy my work in as much as I take delight in traveling. I may spend 40 hours of my week in my corporate desk but I maximize my weekends, vacation leaves, and holidays to pack my bag and hit the road.

Aside from making the most out of my leisure time, there are three important things that enable me to travel and work without overly comprising one over the other. First, I make sure to check the culture of the company I intended to join – they have to support work and life balance. I’m part of the IT industry and I know how some institutions can be demanding of so much time.

Paragliding | Cavite, Philippines

Paragliding | Cavite, Philippines

Also, my non-negotiables are NOT working on weekends and on shifting schedules. I can tolerate overtime as needed but not as a way of work routine.

Second, be productive and leave on time. Remember, work is a never-ending process. Lastly, I try my best to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid unnecessary stress so I won’t get sick. That way, it’s easier to file for vacation leaves.

Punta Fuego | Batangas, Philippines

Punta Fuego | Batangas, Philippines

P.S. I know we have different situations and opportunities in life. But if you’re working full-time like me, I hope you’d find a career that supports your lifestyle and passion projects.

What do I usually seek when I travel?

Local food. Historical places. Wonders of nature. Thrilling adventures. Fascinating cultures. Interesting architectures. Lovely people.

Beach or Mountain?

Without second thoughts, beach.

Pico de Loro | Cavite, Philippines

Pico de Loro Hike | Cavite, Philippines

Extreme adventures – yay or nay?!?

I am somewhere in between.

Exotic food – yay or nay?!?

Nay. Sorry!

Surfing at Costa Pacifica | Baler, Philippines

What is my non-negotiable when traveling?

A decent toilet. Please.

Any travel pet peeves?

As I love taking good photos, I hate photobombers. But what I loathe even more are those tourists who, after taking their precious shots, would not want to leave a spot to give way for other people to take their photos.

Any foreign language I would like to learn?

I took Mandarin (Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University) and Spanish (Berlitz Philippines) classes before but the foreign language I really wanted to learn the most is French.

Who are other travelers I’d like to meet on the road?

There are a lot but some of my top choices are Anthony Bourdain of Parts Unknown and Drew Arellano of Biyahe ni Drew.

What places would I recommend foreign travelers to visit in my country?

Manila, Batanes, and Palawan.

Kayangan Lake | Palawan, Philippines

Kayangan Lake | Palawan, Philippines

Any other interests outside of traveling?

I love arts and some sports that help me keep motivated in life as well. Travel actually inspired me to be physically fit. When I started exploring places, I easily get tired especially since I don’t like walking for long. I knew right there and then that things had to change if I wanted to make the most out of my trips. And voila! I was even able to run my first 21km before I hit my 30s.

Acrylic Landscape Painting Lesson

That’s all for now. I sincerely hope I will be able to help you unravel the nitty-gritties of our favorite subject – traveling, giving you insights where to go, what to do, what food to try and a lot more!

Nat Geo Run 2017 - 21km

Nat Geo Run 2017 – 21km

Until then, may you throw off the bowlines and sail away!

Carpe Diem,



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