Where to Eat in Batanes with the Perfect View

Batanes is a lovely paradise in the northern part of the Philippines famous for its breathtaking sceneries. Probably one of the best times to enjoy these magnificent views is while eating. Bunker’s Café at Naidi Hills and Racuh A Payaman’s canteen will let you do that!

Naidi Hills and Racuh A Payaman (also known as Marlboro country) are two of the most visited spots in Batanes. Aside from sightseeing, we also enjoyed eating in these places.

Bunker’s Café at Naidi Hills

Apart from Basco Lighthouse, Bunker’s Café can also be found in Naidi Hills. Bunker’s Café used to be one of the telegraphic facilities built during the American period. Today, it serves as one of the favorite eating destinations in North Batan. Aside from the great view during the day, you can get a glimpse of a beautiful sunset in the place.

The café is closed at day time and only opens at around 6PM. While the sun is slowly setting down, attendants of Bunker’s Café would set up additional tables and chairs in front of the establishment. Inside, we found few tables that can accommodate approximately 15-20 people.

We learned that you have to reserve in advance for a guaranteed dinner at the café. They don’t accommodate walk-ins. Since we availed of a tour package, everything was set for us already.

The menu? Well, they don’t really have a fix menu. The food that they serve depends on the ingredients available in the market. For our dinner, we got a complete set of meal with soup, pork, fish, vegetable and dessert.

Racuh A Payaman’s Canteen

Racuh A Payaman is a communal pastureland owned by the municipality of Mahatao. Nipa huts can be found where lunch is being served.

Just like in Bunker’s Café, you have to reserve in advance for a guaranteed lunch here. If you are going to avail a tour, you can probably ask to set your lunch at the place.

The canteen also served us a complete meal consisting of pork, fish, vegetable and dessert. We were able to try Lunis which is Ivatan’s version of adobo, a famous Filipino food. Notable difference of Lunis from the typical adobo that we know is that it is dry.

We also had Uvud Balls which is made of banana pith, minced pork and fish flakes.

They also have escargot, a snail dish which they got from rice fields.

While eating, we definitely enjoy the windy atmosphere with the sight of green pastureland and mountains.