Uluwatu Temple in Bali: Temple on a Cliff

Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the six key temples of Bali that is believed to protect the place from evil spirits. 

In Balinese, ‘Ulu’ means ‘top’ and ‘Watu’ means ‘rock’. Located on the top of a steep cliff that is approximately 70 meters above sea level, Uluwatu temple is a wonderful spot to catch a lovely sunset overlooking the Indian Ocean.

From Nusa Dua, travel time to Uluwatu Temple is around 30-45 minutes. Visitors must wear a sarong or sash inside the temple that is given near the entrance.

Uluwatu Temple is surrounded by a forest inhabited by a lot of monkeys. They freely roam and walk around with tourists.

The monkeys are very aggressive and can be fond of snatching visitors’ belongings like bags and cameras. We brought 1L of bottled water that we can drink while walking. Just a few steps from the entrance, a monkey hurried to our direction, grabbed our bottle and drank it (yes, the monkey knows how to open the bottle).

As you enter the temple grounds, there is actually a recorded voice message being played that gives reminders about the monkeys. In case a monkey takes any of your belongings, you can report it to the personnel at the gates of the temple.

Visitors can only freely walk around the temple grounds;the main court and the temple itselfare not open for public viewing.

At the side of the cliff, concrete walls and pathways are built. Here, you can get a really scenic view of the Indian Ocean. You can spend a few minutes here enjoying the ocean horizon.

Also from the cliff side, you can sight the temple at the top. They say the best time to visit Uluwatu Temple is during sunset. Aside from the majestic sunset view, Kecak dance is performed everydayfrom 6PM to 7PM (IDR 75,000).

As you exit, you will pass by a small swimming pool for the monkeys.

Admission Fee: IDR 3,000