Hong Kong Trip: Tsim Sha Tsui City Tour

If there will be only one city you can visit in Hong Kong, go to Tsim Sha Tsui and you will definitely spoil yourself with a lot of things to do from visiting historical landmarks to luxurious shopping.

One of the things I love about TsimShaTsui is its options for walking tours with many of its attractions situated next to each other. It’s a hub of affordable and classy restaurants, vast shopping malls, fascinating historical buildings andinteresting museums. Yes, you get to enjoy all of these in TsimShaTsui alone with the bonus view of the captivating Hong Kong skyline.

TsimShaTsui Promenade

TsimShaTsui Promenade is a waterfront promenade that is around 400 meters long. It offers an interrupted view of the beautiful Hong Kong skyline that can be lined up with the spectacular cityscapes in the world.

We were able to take a stroll at the promenade both during the day and night. Early in the morning, there were quite a number of people jogging at the promenade. It was a slightly cold walk with a very windy atmosphere.

At night, the stunning cityscape during the day becomes even more fabulous with the buildings coming into life with magnificent lights. We looked for a good spot at the viewing deck and wonderfully gazedat the skyscrapers while waiting for the Symphony of Lights at 8PM.

Aside from the scenic view of the Hong Kong skyline, there is a part of the TsimShaTsui Promenade calledthe Avenue of the Stars that gives tribute to Hong Kong’s famous stars.

Symphony of Lights

We went to TsimShaTsui Promenade to watch the famous Symphony of Lights. The show is a synchronized light display with musical accompaniment that features several buildings at the Victoria Harbour.  It holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest permanent light and sound show.

We climbed a viewing deck at the TsimShaTsui waterfront to get a better glimpse of the show that started at 8PM. It was a good thing we arrived a little early for we were able to get a good spot to sit and watch. There were a lot of people watching the show that is why it’s better to secure a nice viewing location.

Admission and Schedule

Schedule: Monday – Sunday, 8PM
Admission: Free

Avenue of the Stars

We also walked our way to the Avenue of the Stars. It is an area at the TsimShaTsui Promenade where known Hong Kong Stars had left hand imprints. Some statues can also be found here like that of Bruce Lee.

The Clock Tower

On our way to TsimShaTsui promenade to watch the Symphony of Lights, we passed by the Clock Tower, a famous landmark at Kowloon. It is actually one of the oldest landmarks in Hong Kong. The tower stands at 44 meters high topped by a seven-meter lightning rod.

1881 Heritage

After the Symphony of Lights show, we found ourselves walking around 1881 Heritage. The building’s Victorian architecture made it a popular tourist attraction. Formerly the headquarters of Hong Kong Marine police, 1881 Heritage now offers luxurious shopping and dining.

The site also contains a number of declared monuments, one of which is the Time Ball Tower. The tower was essentially used before by many ship vessels at Victoria Harbour.

Kowloon Park

We spent our last day in Hong Kong roaming around Kowloon Park. It is a large public park in TsimShaTsui that houses Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. It is composed of different gardens including Chinese Garden and Bird Lake. Aside from these, Kowloon Park also has a children’s playground, aviary and sports center.

Operating Hours and Other Info

Admission: Free
Operating Hours: 5AM to Midnight Daily
Address: 22 Austin Rd, Hong Kong
Contact No.:  +852 2724 3344