Our group managed to spend a day trip in Bandung when we visited Jakarta. We took the train with a travel time of around three hours. Taking the train is the most affordable and convenient way of land travel to get to Bandung from Jakarta.

Argo Parahyangan Train Service

The Argo Parahyangan is the train service running from Jakarta Gambir to Bandung. They have several train schedules departing from Jakarta to Bandung and vice versa. They also provide affordable, clean, and well-maintained trains.

Jakarta Gambir Station

Jakarta Gambir Station

Purchase Ticket at Tiket.com

Book your train ticket at Ticket.com.

Save Ticket Voucher

After successfully booking, wait for the confirmation e-mail where you will get your ticket voucher. Make sure you have a copy of it (save them on your phone or print the tickets) during your travel because you will need it to print your boarding pass at the train station.

Boarding pass.

Boarding pass.

Train Schedule

If you have a limited time in Bandung, you can take the earliest train departing Gambir station and get the latest ride from Bandung. Better to purchase your ticket ahead of time because you’re not guaranteed if there will be available seats on the day of your travel.

Train Class

We took the economy class from Jakarta and we were able to try the executive class for our return from Bandung. Only executive class is available for the last train ride from Bandung.

Executive Class

Argo Parahyangan – Executive Class

Depart at Jakarta Gambir Station to Bandung

Depending on where you’re staying, Gambir Station is easily accessible. Our hotel in Central Jakarta was just 15 minutes away from it and we just booked a grab car going there.

Passport and boarding pass are being checked before entry to the platform.

Passport and boarding pass are being checked before entry to the platform.

Breakfast at the Station

Our schedule was around 5:00AM in the morning. We bought some breakfast at the station itself. There was a 24-hr convenience store and some fast food restaurants – some were opened very early in the morning.

Boarding Pass Printing

Before you get to the train platform, print your boarding pass first at the check-in counters or kiosks. Together with your passport, you will present the boarding pass before you’ll be allowed entry.

Check-in counters or kiosks

Check-in counters or kiosks where you should print your boarding pass.

Economy Class vs Executive Class

I’d say there’s not much difference between the economy and executive class. Both trains were clean and well maintained. You can also choose seats for both classes. Executive class just have a comfier chair and a pillow. Snacks were offered during the trip and the train attendants were nice.

Argo Parahyangan - Economy Class

Argo Parahyangan – Economy Class

After a long, fun day in Bandung, we comfortably rest during our three-hour ride going back to Jakarta. The train was really cold that you might want to bring a jacket with you.

Argo Parahyangan - Executive Class

Argo Parahyangan – Executive Class

Argo Parahyangan - Executive Class

Argo Parahyangan – Executive Class

Our train, which was the last trip, arrived a bit late. Other than that, our train rides went smoothly, we even enjoyed the view during our morning ride.

Travel Tips

  • Make sure to save or print your ticket voucher e-mailed to you right after your booking.
  • Using you ticket voucher, print your boarding pass at the check-in counters found in the station.
  • Bring your passport. It will be checked together with your boarding pass before you are allowed entry to the train platform.

Morning train ride view.

Jakarta to Bandung Ticket Price

We paid the following for our train rides:

Jakarta Gambir to Bandung Economy Class – Rp. 80,000 per pax (~ PHP 297)
Bandung to Jakarta Gambir Executive Class – Rp. 135,000 per pax (~ PHP 501)

Arrival in Bandung.

Arrival in Bandung.