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Davao’s Tiny Kitchen: A Taste of Spanish Cuisine and Yummy Desserts - Travel Habeat Davao’s Tiny Kitchen: A Taste of Spanish Cuisine and Yummy Desserts - Travel Habeat

Davao’s Tiny Kitchen: A Taste of Spanish Cuisine and Yummy Desserts

Tiny Kitchen is one of Davao’s pride serving delicious Spanish cuisines and desserts established by couple Vincent and Donna Rodriguez. It actually started as a pastry shop in the late 90s. Today, it offers Davaoeños favorite Spanish dishes and of course, more pastries. 

Tiny Kitchen can be found along F. Torres St. It was the first place we visited as we landed our feet in Davao a little past lunch time. As we get in, a warm atmosphere welcomed us. The simple interiors set in a combination of white and yellow motif immediately put us at ease. The design of wooden tables and chairs made us feel as if we’re eating at home.

Menu is also creatively written in chalkboard.

For our lunch, we chose to have Paella Negra, Pollo Tomate y Rosmaria and Caldereta Espanol. We also took home Frozen Mango Brazo and Red Velvet Cake. From what we heard, the Spanish menu speaks of the Spanish lineage of the owners.

Paella is one of Tiny Kitchen’s specialties that can take around 30-40 minutes to be served. It comes in different sizes as follows: extra small (for 1 person), small (for 2 persons), medium (for 4-5 persons), large (for 6-8 persons), family (for 10-15 persons) and party (for 15-20 persons). We ordered small Paella Negra (PHP465), black rice made with squid ink mixed with assorted seafood including squid, fish, crab, shrimp and mussel. As they say, Paella is all about the rice and Tiny Kitchen’sPaella Negra is cooked al dentewith a caramelized crust on the bottom of the pan (known as socarrat). The rice is flavorful on its own and the amount of seafood toppings is generous enough.

Pollo Tomate y Rosmaria (PHP290) is chicken stewed in tomato sauce with rosemary herb.

Caldereta Espanol(PHP260) is beef stewed in tomato sauce served with potatoes and carrots. The beef is very tender and like Pollo Tomate y Rosmaria, the sauce is very tasty and thick.

Upon entering the restaurant, we instantly noticed the delicious parade of desserts with a number of special cakes to choose from. The Frozen Mango Brazo(PHP95) is very much like the traditional Brazo de Mercedes with a twist. Red Velvet Cake(PHP110) is delectably fluffy and thick. Both tasted very good in a not-so-sweet rendition.

Operating Hours and Other Info

Address: F. Torres Street, Davao City
Contact No.:(082) 305-9232
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiny-Kitchen/