Located at the steep mountain slope of Shrine Hills, Jack’s Ridge is a famous eating destination offering a panoramic view of Davao City. Various restaurants can be found at Jack’s Ridge including Taklobo. 

Taklobo is the main restaurantat Jack’s Ridge Resort Complex. It mainly serves Filipino dishes with specialty on seafood. We decided to have our dinner at Taklobo during our first night in Davao.

The path we took going to Jack’s Ridge is not well lighted. Some areas do not have lights at all where driving is a bit scary especially going up the steep hill. According to a friend who grew up in Davao, there is another safer route that leads to Jack’s Ridge.

When we finally reach the place, we had dilemma finding a parking slot. Parking space at Jack’s Ridge is small where cars are almost lining up even in the driveway. Security people guiding the area are a bit unfriendly as we asked help in looking for a spot where we can possibly park.

Entering Jack’s Ridge, Taklobo is one of the first restaurants you will see. The restaurant is quite big that can accommodate large groups. We chose to be seated near the area offering a scenic view of the city.

For our dinner, we had Gambas (PHP286), Pinakbet Special (PHP257) and Spicy Pork Ribs (PHP275). Food tasted ok, there was really nothing special about it. We should have probably tried their grilled seafood dishes. They say Taklobo is also a popular drinking place serving cocktails and local beers.

Operating Hours and Other Info

Adress: Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City
Contact No.:+6382/ 297 8830; 297 8831