Believe in yourself.” I can still remember those words Coach Mark spoke to me as I struggle to stay afloat in the water. Undeniably, swimming is an important life skill that greatly rely in your ability to trust in yourself. An important life skill as it is, it would probably be surprising to know that a huge percentage of the Philippine population do not know how to swim despite the numerous beaches we have. Fortunately, Swim Central is there to the rescue.

I took my first swimming lesson in early 2012. Aside from having a work benefit to take classes like swimming, I really wanted to learn the skill to also enjoy other water activities. I had it from another popular swimming school in Manila since Swim Central was not yet around that time. I did learned the basics and the class was pretty ok – my coach and classmates were cool. But sadly, I didn’t obtained the confidence I needed in the water that I expected to gain primarily because of two things. First, the pool where we practiced was shallow. Second, survival skill and treading were not included in the basic program which I thought were part of.

2014 Swimming Lessons at PhilSports Complex (ULTRA)

Swimming Lessons at PhilSports Complex (ULTRA). Photo Credit: Swim Central PH

As such, I decided to take another lesson with Swim Central a few years after.  Even later, I met a friend who took the same class in the first swim school I had and his sentiments were the same as mine. He also didn’t get the confidence he needed and told me he wanted to try Swim Central. With my past Swim Central experience, I instantly recommended it to him. We are both travelers who wanted to engage in activities involving deep waters that’s why we find it crucial to conquer our fears.

Swimming Class at PhilSports Complex (ULTRA) in 2015 (with me several kilos heavier, LOL). Photo Credit: Swim Central PH

So if you are planning to take swimming lessons to improve your travel experience, I highly recommend Swim Central. Here are 5 reasons why.

Focused Swimming Lessons

Each coach handles a small number of participants so they can check each student. As such, your coach can easily tell you what you need to improve on. All of your strokes will be monitored and corrected as needed. Another good thing about Swim Central is that they specialize on swimming lessons for adults.

Coach JM demonstrating freestyle.

Coach JM demonstrating freestyle.

Gain Skills + Confidence

Depending on your swimming background, coaches will teach you the skill you need to learn. If you know the basics, they will start from what you can already do. If you have zero knowledge, no problem as well. They greatly emphasize proper execution be it hand or feet movement.

Aside from the swimming skill itself, I appreciate Swim Central’s intention to really improve your confidence in water. Surely, you can get the skill but if fear still controls you, your skill will be nothing. I remember every end of our session we were asked to jump from the edge of the pool. They do this not only to increase your confidence but also to make you see for yourself the capability of the body to naturally ascend in the water. If it’s your first time, I guess you’ll find it a cool feeling (I did!).

Jumping exercise.

Jumping exercise at Mares Diving Center. If you are lucky, you will jump in a 15-ft dive pool. Pretty cool?

Also do note that even in the basic program they have, treading will be taught. You will be able to practice it a lot. Remember the pool jumping activity I mentioned? After you jump, you have to tread and keep your self floating for a certain amount of time. For me, this is important even if you are just taking the basic course. I find it pathetic learning arm stroke, flutter kick or breathing but you can’t execute proper treading.

Friendly and Patient Coaches

I’m sure many former students can attest to this – Swim Central coaches are really friendly and patient. Being paranoid in the water, I am not one of the easiest students to handle. But I have always felt the support from the coaches. “Whenever you’re ready”, “At your own pacing”, “Great, improving” – these are the kind words Coach JM would tell me during my practice session. Coaches will make your every lesson fun while eliminating your fears and struggles. More importantly, they will inspire you to really learn.

Coach Donna and her students on a Saturday sesh.

Coach Donna and her students on a Saturday sesh.

Swim Central Coaches

With some of Swim Central’s amazing coaches, JM, Donna, and Aya

Affordable Swimming Packages

With a few comparison, I can say Swim Central offers affordable swimming lesson packages.

Swimming Class at Mares Diving Center, Makati (2017)

As of this writing, they have the following rates and programs:

Basic Swimming Program (PHP 3,500) – 8 sessions, 1.5 hours/session

Recommended for beginners who would like to know the basic strokes in swimming and to conquer the fear in deep waters. Learn the Freestyle, Breast stroke and Survival skills (water treading).

Survival Swimming Program (PHP 1,000) – 2 sessions, 1.5 hours/session

Learn to float vertically with ease in deep waters. Learn the basic floating techniques and water treading.

Private Lesson (PHP 4,000) – 5 sessions, 2 hours/session

One on one lesson or personalize group class at your own preferred venue. Learn the Freestyle and Beast stroke (water treading).

Source: Swim Central Rates and Programs

Varied Locations and Flexible Schedules

With Swim Central specializing in adult swimming lessons, their venues and schedules suit corporate peeps well. They hold sessions in Quezon City, Ortigas and Makati City. You can take the lessons after work or if you prefer, they also have weekend schedules.

Note: Please visit their site for a complete list of their schedule and venue.

Mares Diving Center, Makati

Mares Diving Center, Makati

Swim Central PH

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Contact Nos.: (0916) 435-4136 | (0920) 270-4797 | (02) 513-8965



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    Kima Rodriguez

    June 27, 2017

    Good for you. I don’t even know how to swim. Poor me.

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      Arrianne Guzman

      July 4, 2017

      It’s never too late to learn! 🙂