Much Ado About Surfing at San Juan Surf Resort

San Juan Surf Resort is one of the few destinations in the country offering the famous and exciting water sport, surfing. Surf season starts around July and ends in March.

For the first time, I was able to try surfing in November 2011 at San Juan Surf Resort. Located in San Juan, La Union which is 5 – 6 hours away from Manila, the resort provides accommodations and surfing grounds.

For beginners like me, the resort offers lessons with trained surf instructors. Rate is at per hour basis which includes the use of rashguard and surfing board. If you already know how to surf, you can just opt to rent the surfing board.

There’s a tent in the beach where you can register and pay for the surfing lesson fees. Once settled, an instructor will get you a board and will start guiding you to an ultimate fun adventure.

At the shore, we were taught of the basics of surfing. My instructor, Mandy, helped me attach the leash on my foot which at one end is tied to the surf board. Then, he taught me steps on how I will be able to stand at the surf board at three, simple counts.  Lying belly-down on the board with both hands at the sides, he taught me (1) to lift my hands, (2) push my body up with my arms and (3) stand. Which foot comes in front? It depends on you, on where you are comfortable. After some practice, we then headed to the waters.

At the waters, we find a spot and wait for the waves. Once there is a wave approaching, he will push the surfing board and will shout at me to signify me to stand up. Once standing, I kept my knees bent with my arms extended while leaning a little forward to keep my balance. While standing, there’s nothing left for me to do than to enjoy the ride. Before the surfboard touches the shore, I jump off the waters. For the more experienced ones, they paddle their ways and wait for the waves.

I was able to try two surfing boards and I prefer the wider one that has a rougher texture because I was able to stand better with it. Mandy also rubbed some wax on my surfboard to improve my foot grip. Good balance and timing are very important factors to be able to get though the waves. And also some guts (for first timers like me).

For those who do not know how to swim, you can still surf. Starting point can be at chest-deep or waist-deep waters only. Surf early in the morning or in the afternoon to get good waves.

Overall, surfing is really one of my unforgettable experiences. It’s not too easy but with patience and practice, a ride among the waves is definitely an exceptional endeavor.

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Address: Urbiztondo, San Juan, R-9, San Fernando City
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