Getting off our service van, a busy local market confronted us. Different stalls are parading different commodities. The cold Baguio weather is being tampered by the summer heat as we went around. My eyes instantly tried to look for the Strawberry Farm. “Where is it?”, I even asked. From one of the stalls, we saw a narrow passage way that we thought might lead us to the farm.


And we were right. At the back of the market is the Strawberry Farm. It was refreshing to see that vast, green land.   Despite a dry and a warmer weather, we trudged muddy pathways to see more of the farm. “January to March is the strawberry season here in Baguio.”, I overheard one local tell a tourist while walking around. Along with strawberry picking, here are some things you can do in Baguio’s Strawberry Farm.


1. Buy “Pasalubong” and Souvenirs

Just before you get your hands dirty picking strawberries, you can buy a lot of “pasalubong” and souvenirs in the Strawberry Farm Market including strawberry wine, famous Baguio sweets like peanut brittle and tons of native products.

strawberry-farm-baguio17 strawberry-farm-baguio18 strawberry-farm-baguio19

2. Eat Strawberry Taho and Strawberry Ice Cream

Remember you’re in a Strawberry Farm so some food are specially prepared in strawberry flavor. Strawberry Taho (PHP20) and Strawberry Ice Cream (PHP25) are popular in the streets.

strawberry-farm-baguio2 strawberry-farm-baguio3

3. Go Strawberry Picking

Everyone is free to roam around the Strawberry Farm. If you want to experience picking the strawberries yourself, you just need to pay PHP250 and take home the ones you picked. If not, you can content yourself looking around the farm and watch the locals do their everyday thing.


There are also strawberries that can be bought in the market in case you do not want to do the picking, for a much cheaper price (price ranging from PHP150 – PHP200 per kilo).

strawberry-farm-baguio16 strawberry-farm-baguio11

4. Buy Vegetables at Lower Prices

Aside from strawberries, you can find vegetables being sold in the farm like cabbage and cauliflower. Prices definitely less expensive than in Manila!

strawberry-farm-baguio13 strawberry-farm-baguio7

5. See Beautiful Flowers in Bloom

Aside from strawberries and different vegetable, there are beautiful flowers that can be seen in the farm, too. Just note that there are some areas where you have to pay a minimal fee for having your photo taken with the beautiful flowers as background.

strawberry-farm-baguio8 strawberry-farm-baguio10

Though we did not went strawberry picking, we enjoyed roaming around the Strawberry Farm so much! In case you intend to visit it on your next trip to Baguio, remember to wear old, comfortable shoes that can be soaked in mud. Put on your sunblock. And bring your cap and sunglasses, too!




  1. Reply


    June 14, 2016

    If there is one thing here, it is picking the strawberries you want. Kasi often in the markets or where I usually shop for grocery, the strawberries comes packed and they mix the good ones and the less than ideal ones.

    I am glad you had a wonderful time being one of the ‘locals’ and … oh, the strawberry ice cream, they look so … TASTY!

  2. Reply

    Kerr Quevedo

    June 14, 2016

    One of the reasons why i wanna visit baguio. The strawberries really are gems. Too bad, when they reach Cebu, they become expensive as hell. I love the photos by the way.

  3. Reply


    June 14, 2016

    As rainy season comes, I am in a huge desire to go back to Baguio for the colder weather. haha. Even strawberry harvesting can be limited this time but I will still buy ice cream and other strawberry dishes. Hahah

  4. Reply


    June 14, 2016

    Last time I went picking, I was in Grade 4. Such a long time ago. I do not like strawberry taho. I find it too sweet to taste but I I looooove fresh strawberries and your post makes me crave for them! :). <3

    Mirriam ||

  5. Reply

    Stella the Travelerette

    June 15, 2016

    How beautiful! Thank you for the gorgeous photos of the strawberry fields and ice cream. I would love to go there and eat a big cone! Or I could just have a handful of ripe berries. Strawberries are just so tasty.

  6. Reply

    Trisha Velarmino

    June 15, 2016

    It’s been a while since I visited the Strawberry Farm. I was in Baguio last week and didn’t think of visiting! Is it strawberry season now?

  7. Reply

    Maaya Legaspi

    June 15, 2016

    Baguio is so close to my heart. And yes I agree, strawberry taho and ice cream is a must when you visit Baguio. Although for pasalubong, I would prefer to buy in the local market. I also tend to buy lots of veggies when I go there but it also end up being rotten because I wasn’t able to eat it on its shelf life. haha! looks like you had a wonderful time. 🙂

  8. Reply

    Rowena Rose Conde

    June 15, 2016

    Went here last April! What I enjoys is the affordable prices of vegetables and strawberry. Would definitely go back here.

  9. Reply


    June 15, 2016

    STRAWBERRY PARADISE !!! wow , so much they make from strawberries ! For me it would be just one thing to do there …eating strawberries ! I do feel a bit sorry for these people working hard , that is a tough job , mostly very poor paid for !

  10. Reply


    June 16, 2016

    You got me craving for some strawberry taho. The vegetables are definitely cheaper in Baguio. I love strawberry picking as I can pick the best ones myself and I also love dipping it in chocolate. As for the pasalubongs I always but the peanut brittle and lengua. Great list and pictures too.

  11. Reply

    Dominic Barrios

    June 17, 2016

    Those strawberries are HUGE!!! Is it just me or they’re really big? I love that everything they sell there has to do with strawberries like taho and ice cream. Haven’t been there in their farm but since you showed some photos, this got me curious. I thought all we could do there is just pick some strawberries.