Red Baron Keeps Life at Steak

For those rare instances that you would want your life to be at steak, Red Baron might just suit or better yet, spoil your carnivorous indulgence.

A steak house sitting prettily above a car wash is something that will surprise you and Red Baron is just that. Mere coincidence? Absolutely not! One of its owners, Melvin Cheng, told us that they strategically placed Red Baron in a car wash area because they are at the same time doing business with car wash shops.

The Atmosphere

Red Baron in Bambang Manila can accommodate not more than 50 carnivores with their dark wooden furniture and bright red counter. Setup on its wooden floors is a simple, modern and casual steak territory. Guests also have the option for that open-air eating experience.

On the Table

Nachoriffic (PHP295)

Red Baron’s Nachoriffic deserves to be called an appetizer as it really stimulates the appetite with the very thin tortilla chips that was crispy in every bite. It was covered with minced beef made more savory by cheese and tomato sauce. I appreciate that the chips remained firm even when overly dipped. If you simply love anything hot, good news, Nachorrific has a spicy version!

Baked Potato Soup (PHP159)

Aside from Nachorific, the Baked Potato Soup served with buttered bread can also be a good starter. The potato chunks in thick and creamy soup will surely give you a warm delight.

Big Bowl of Dried Peanuts (PHP69)

Complimentary dried peanuts can make you more patient while waiting for your steak. Just remember you can also purchase a big bowl of it.

El Diablo Crusty Steak (PHP952)

A personal favorite, El Diablo Crusty Steak is a 450-gram striploin having that melt-in-the-mouth succulence. The meat was thick but tender in every slice. Red Baron’s special chili sauce indeed made the meat piece tasty. Partnered with awesome side dishes including Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potato and Fries, you can really put your life at steak here.

Rib Eye Steak (PHP295)

The one-and-a-half-inch Rib Eye Steak was made juicy and tasty. The gravy that came with it had its own distinct flavor. The Rib Eye poured with gravy partnered with Mashed Potato created a simply luscious meal.

Lamb Steak (PHP299)

The two-piece Lamb Steak was a great deviation from the usual red meat cravings of beef and pork. Dry and thinly sliced, you’ll savor its tolerable spiciness in every bite. Cuts of pineapple along its side definitely added flavor.

Smoked Baby Back Ribs (PHP698, Full: 2 Rice + 3 Wildside)

Meat as tender as that of Red Baron’s Baby Back Ribs can be peeled off effortlessly. The smokey rib drenched in sweet barbecue sauce was oh so unforgettable. A crowd favorite, this was also my pick next to El Diablo Steak.

For the full meal, we had three side dishes including Buttered Corn, Mashed Potato and Red Baron Signature Rice. This set is already good for sharing. The Signature Rice, scrumptious on its own, can even be eaten alone. For a lighter version, you can order Smoked Baby Back Ribs solo meal (PHP275) that consists only of one rice and 1 wildside.

Brunch Monster Burger (PHP255)

Bruch Monster Burger is a triple decker sandwich composed of egg at the bottom and bacon at the top layer. And guess what? A certified angus beef patty is placed right in the center!

Hawaiian Luau Burger (PHP225)

Just like the Bruhn Monster Burger, Hawaiian Luau has 100% certified angus beef patty blending perfectly well with sliced ham, tomato and grilled pineapple. It’s definitely not your typical burger with its special rib sauce.

Flakey Tuna Pie (PHP159)

Best eaten while hot, Flakey Tuna Pie made with golden crescent rolls was stuffed with chunks of savory tuna.

Frozen Crunchy Mango Cake (Slice: PHP145, Whole: PHP1350)

How do you end a really carnivorous feast? With Red Baron, you can take the Frozen Crunchy Mango Cake as a sweet finale. This is a highly recommended dessert. The mangoes topping the cake will leave a smile in your face.

Ice Scramble (PHP138), Good Sheperd’s Ube (PHP138)

For some cold refreshments, Red Baron’s Ice Scramble and Good Sheperd’s Ube were the favorite ones.

The Ice Scramble will definitely bring back your childhood memories (I remember buying this in school and I always asked the vendor to add more milk and Hershey’s chocolate syrup).

Our favorite ube jam from Tagaytay together with vanilla ice cream made Good Sheperd’s Ube creamy and tasty.

Nutella (PHP155), Mocha (PHP155)

Coffee-based drinks like Nutella and Mocha are also available.


Red Baron Ribs and Steaks is one of those hole-in-the-wall restaurants serving really good food at more reasonable prices. Aside from their main house specialties of ribs and steaks, they have something to proudly offer among their listings of appetizer, refreshments and desserts. Even the side dishes are really delectable that you would not want any leftovers.

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks

Operating Hours: 11AM-10PM
Address: 2F 1357 Severino Corner Bambang St. Sta. Cruz Manila
Contact Nos.: (0916) 786-4647, (02) 714-5149

Disclosure: Food was courtesy of Red Baron Ribs and Steaks. Nevertheless, I wrote this article with my own insights influenced by my personal experience.



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    August 3, 2015

    I’ve been going around everyone’s Red Baron’s post jus to say that I can’t get over that ice scramble hahaha…

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      August 3, 2015

      Hahaha. That ice scramble is really nostalgic 🙂

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    August 3, 2015

    Good Sheperd Ube Shake is also my favorite drink from Red Baron. Too bad i missed sampling the delicious food on your list, like the burger and pie. 🙂

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      August 3, 2015

      Let’s go back then 🙂 Hehe.