“They never found my soul.”  A voice whispering this kind of message will either leave you speechless or make you loudly scream. Excited as we were to solve whatever mystery is going on, that odd feeling suddenly drowned me the moment we entered Rebecca’s room, Mystery Manila’s horror-themed room. 


What is Mystery Manila?

Mystery Manila offers a live escape game room where a team is challenged to search for clues to solve a mystery case for 1 hour. Each mystery room has its own unique setting that will somehow bring you in a place you’ve never been before.

Mystery Manila

Mystery Manila offers a live escape game room where a team is challenged to solve a mystery case for 1 hour.

Rebecca’s Room: The Setting

What can you find in Rebecca’s Room? A bed, old photos (that you would not want to look at), cabinets (ask yourself first before trying to open them!) and some of Rebecca’s old things including her diary.


The room is dark bounded by eerie walls. What adds to the enigmatic setting is that scary background music endlessly playing. You’ll also hear voices. Sometimes it sounded like that of the devil’s. And oh, the room seemed to be inhabited with some sort of paranormal stuff as well.

Game Mechanics

Players are given 60 minutes to solve the mystery. Depending on the kind of game room, the number of participants can range from 2 – 6. Maximum of 6 people is ideal for Rebecca’s room. Since we were 7, we need to solve the mystery in 20 minutes to get the bonus shirt instead of 30 minutes.

background article

We read first an article about the background of what happened to Rebecca.

You can ask for clues, for as many times as you like. But for each clue you get, additional 5 minutes will be added to your overall time. A gamekeeper (staying outside the room) will be there to help you.

Mystery Manila wall message board.

Wall message board where you can read funny comments from previous players.

Once inside the room, no one is allowed to get out. So if you need to go to the restroom, do it ahead of time, remember the game will last for an hour.They also have free drinking water (highly needed for Rebecca’s Room).

Mystery Goals

Your group will be spirit questers hired by Teresa Gonzalez, Rebecca’s landlady. You have 2 goals to solve the mystery. First, find out what happened to Rebecca who just suddenly disappeared. And second, discover why are there paranormal events going on inside the room.


How to Solve the Mystery?

Before entering the room, a briefing will be conducted. The gamekeeper will have your team read an article that will set up the premise for Rebecca Rubio’s sudden disappearance.

Briefing by the gamekeeper.

Briefing by the gamekeeper.

Once inside the room, you will see (and even hear) a lot of things. It’s up to your group where to start and how to start.

There are clues that you can get by using a phone and tapping it on NFC (near field communication) stickers scattered everywhere (as shown below). Do not attempt to peel off the stickers!


NFC (near field communication) stickers reveal clues using phones.

Some items in the room are off limits as indicated by black-and-yellow-stripes marker.

Black-and-yellow-stripes marker

Black-and-yellow-stripes marker indicates things in the room that are off limits.

Some Pieces of Advice in Solving the Mystery of Rebecca’s Room

Ask for clues. Please do especially if things don’t seem to make sense anymore to avoid wasting time. You don’t know how many clues you need to work on to solve the mystery. One clue leads to another.


Be very observant. Connect. Scroll down. Keep on searching. Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Below are some other tips from other teams that tried Rebecca’s room. You can take some of them seriously!

Practice opening a padlock.

Practice opening a padlock.

Warning: Do not drink coffee before playing Rebecca's room.

Warning: Do not drink coffee before playing Rebecca’s room.

 Do not allow to be possessed by Rebecca's soul.

Do not allow to be possessed by Rebecca’s soul!!!

Leaderboard and Freebies

Solve Rebecca’s case as fast as you can to be listed in Mystery Manila’s leaderboard. In case you didn’t solve the mystery, your team can try again but you will no longer be qualified to enter the leaderboard.


Solving the mystery in 30 minutes will give your team souvenir shirts.

No Room for Spoilers!

Whether your group is able to solve the mystery or not, don’t give spoilers so that your friends can better enjoy the game. Don’t dare to ask for spoilers as well because the game is a lot more fun that way. Also, clues are changed and mixed up.



Game Room Themes

There are 3 game rooms in Mystery Manila located in Makati. Aside from Rebecca’s Room, they have World of Wizardry and The Sinister Sensorium. Other Mystery Manila branches (Libis, Quezon City and Boracay – Malay Aklan Province) also have different themes. Visit their site to know more of their other mystery rooms.


Did We Solve the Mystery?

Almost! The gamekeeper told us we solved 80% of the mystery (Deep sigh. Really deep). Though we did not finish resolving Rebecca’s case, we definitely enjoyed the game. Yes, being scared makes it harder to think especially if you’re investigating a mystery but it definitely made things a lot more fun!


Now, will you be brave enough to enter Rebecca’s Room?


  • PHP550-2 Pax
  • PHP500-3 Pax
  • PHP450 – 4 Pax
  • PHP400 – 5 Pax or more

Mystery Manila

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 1PM-9:30PM / Sat, Sun & Holidays, 9AM-9:30PM (Last game starts at 9:30PM)
Address: 2nd floor, G. A. Yupangco Building, Jupiter St. and Gil Puyat Avenue corner Reposo St., Brgy. Bel Air, Makati City
Contact Details: (02) 587-1689, 0917-5594010
Website: http://mysterymanila.com/



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    July 21, 2015

    This is the same room that my officemates and I solved! Yes, we were able to solve it because we asked for clues hahaha… But it was really fun and I like that eerie feeling inside the room.

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      July 21, 2015

      Marge!!! I agree, it was so fun (but I was too scared, hihi) :p I was really curious what happened to Rebecca! Haha!