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Holiday Getaway at Tagaytay’s Puzzle Mansion and Sky Ranch - Travel Habeat Holiday Getaway at Tagaytay’s Puzzle Mansion and Sky Ranch - Travel Habeat

Holiday Getaway at Tagaytay’s Puzzle Mansion and Sky Ranch

Tagaytay has been one of the favorite destinations in the country with its cool climate and proximity to Manila (only 2 – 3 hours away).  Aside from the fantastic view of Taal Volcano and Lake, it offers a lot of things to do that will suit your idea of a relaxing weekend.

Holidays are a sure treat every now and then. And on that Chinese New Year holiday, we excitedly chose Tagaytay’s Puzzle Mansion and Sky Ranch (Sky Fun Park) to spend our day with.

Puzzle Mansion

As a child, I’ve always been fascinated by two things – coloring books and puzzles! This is why when I first heard about Puzzle Mansion from a travel show, I immediately added it to my bucket list.

Puzzle Mansion is not just a simple puzzle museum. It holds the famous Guinness World Records for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles. Ms. Georgina Gil – Lacuna, the avid puzzle maker, earned the recognition on November 29, 2012.

Entering the mansion, we were greeted by seemingly countless puzzles. Looking at the wonderful puzzle creations really brought back my childhood days. The puzzles offer a wide variety of themes – people, places, renowned paintings, animals, nature, fictional characters and a whole lot more. Bought from different parts of the world, the puzzles also come in different sizes, materials and complexity.

Some of the renowned paintings on puzzles you can see are Mona Lisa by the Italian artist, Leonardo Da Vinci and Napoleon Crossing the Alps, an equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte by the French artist, Jacques-Louis David.

Puzzle Name: Mona Lisa

No. of Pieces: 1500
Completion Time: 14 Hours
Dimension: 48cm X 68cm

Puzzle Name: Napoleon Crossing the Alps
No. of Pieces: 2000
Completion Time: 21 Hours
Dimension: 73cm X 102cm

You can also spot Guernica, one of the most famous paintings of the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso which was made in response to the bombing of Guernica in northern Spain.

Puzzle Name: Guernica

No. of Pieces: 2000
Completion Time: 40 Hours
Dimension: 146cm X 68cm

3D and 4D puzzles are also in display.

At the second floor of the museum is a collection of puzzles for sale. Ms. Georgina Lacuna herself is busily attending to all visitors giving them pieces of advice. She teaches how to properly construct puzzles, which type to choose and what other materials are needed to preserve the puzzles.

She suggested to start building a puzzle at the edges. She also said to put the puzzle against a cardboard and put some puzzle glue preserver on it once done. Among the puzzle items for sale, she claimed those made in Japan are a bit expensive compared to the others.

Admission Fee and Other Info

Admission Fee: PHP 100
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 7AM to 7PM Sat & Sun: 7AM to 8PM
Address: Purok 4, Cuadra St., Brgy. Asisan, Tagaytay City
Contact Nos. : (02) 661-0019, (0905) 225-0229

Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch is a small amusement park developed by SM Land offering fun rides with a bonus view of the Taal Lake. It is located beside Taal Vista Hotel along Aguinaldo Highway.

It houses Sky Eye, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country at 63 meters high with 32 gondolas. Each gondola has a maximum capacity of 4 people and the ride lasts for 10 minutes. At the top, you can get a view of Taal Lake.

Sky Ranch also offers horseback riding and zip line. Most of the other rides are suited for kids making it a really good bonding escape for the entire family. There are some food stalls inside the park and there are restaurants located beside it.

Aside from the entrance fee, you must pay for every ride you choose. Below is a list of ticket prices:

Ride – Price (PHP)
Sky Eye – 150
Sky Cruiser – 100
Super Viking – 100
Nessi Coaster – 50
Snail Attack – 50
Carousel – 50
Express Train – 80
Wonder Flight – 50
Red Baron – 50
Mini Viking – 50
Sky Jump – 80
Bubble-O-Fun – 50
Jump N Play

1HR -150

30 MIN – 100

15 MIN – 50

Admission Fee and Other Info

Admission Fee: PHP 100
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 8AM to 10PM
Address: KM60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Contact Nos.: (046) 862-7701, (046) 862-7704