Pasifika Museum: A Hidden Gem in Nusa Dua, Bali

Amidst the luxurious and fabulous resorts in Nusa Dua is this hidden gem called Pasifika Museum housing the great works of European artists who settled in Bali. Other masterpieces of Asian artists are also well kept here. 

Pasifika Museum was established in 2006 by a circle of French and Indonesian art lovers. Most of the art works you can find here are paintings mainly depicting Balinese culture and way of life. Aside from paintings, a number of historical objects are presented like stone statues and architectural elements.

The brilliant collection you can find at Pasifika Museum is a compilation of masterpieces from around 200 artists from 25 countries. That’s roughly around 600 artworks! The museum is grouped and is divided into a number of galleries as follows:

  • Room I: Indonesian Artists
  • Room II: Italian Artists in Indonesia
  • Room III: Dutch Artists in Indonesia
  • Room IV: French Artists in Indonesia
  • Room V: Indo-European Artists in Indonesia
  • Room VI: Temporary Exhibition
  • Room VII: Artists on Indochina Peninsula: Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia
  • Room VIII: Artists on Polynesia and Tahiti
  • Room IX: Premier Art of Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands Paintings of AloiPilioko and Nicolai Michoutouchkine
  • Room X: Tapa of Oceania and Pacific
  • Room XI: Asia: Several artworks on Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar and the Philippines

I was very proud to see an artwork from a fellow Filipino, Antonio Blanco. Some of the notable things I found are paintings of Indonesian women and paintings depicting Balinese culture like cremation and cockfight in Bali. There are also a few stone and marble statues and wooden carvings that are quite interesting.

A collection of 180 items from Polynesia can also be found including labor tools, fishing and hunting materials, clothes and decors, architectural elements and dance accessories.

Note: Taking photographs is strictly prohibited except for the collection galleries. Flash and tripods are also not allowed. In each gallery, there is a sign whether you can take pictures or not. .

Museum Pasifika

Operating Hours:  10AM-6PM
Admission Fee: IDR 70,000
Address: Jalan Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact No.:+62 774559