Fun Times at Osaka

Japan’s third largest city after Tokyo and Yokohama, Osaka can give you a feel of what Japanese urban life is like. You can get yourself a huge treat from its shopping malls, restaurants and amusement facilities.

Yakiniku Lunch

Though we spent quite a short time roaming around Osaka, we definitely had fun. Arriving at Umeda in Osaka, our fun started with a mouth-watering lunch at a Yakiniku restaurant for only JPY 1000. Food is not much varied but we did get more than what we paid for.

HEP’s Ferris Wheel

After eating, we walked our way to HEP (Hankyu Entertainment Park) Five building. Umeda is very much known for shopping and HEP is one of the most visited shopping buildings. It actually houses a hundred of fashion retail shops, restaurants and even amusement facilities such as Joypolis and a huge ferris wheel. Joypolis offers arcade games and amusement rides. Though we were not able to spend some penny in Joypolis, we tried the fifteen-minute ferris wheel ride for JPY 500.

At the top, we were greeted by Umeda’s skyscrapers.

HEP’s Purikura

After our exciting ferris wheel ride, we next had Purikura.

Purikura is a Japanese photo booth where photos taken will be printed as stickers.  Our group, being a purikura fan even in Manila, won’t definitely miss it in Japan. Definitely more popular with the Japanese, purikura can be found at many places in Japan. They say you can almost certainly find purikura at spots where there is an arcade.  Purikura we fondly had in Manila is usually just a simple photo booth placed at one area in the malls. It basically allows you to edit and put some designs in your photos.

Purikura in Japan is definitely much more.  At HEP, they have a dedicated area for Purikura alone where a number of different photo booths with different themes can be found. You can even wear costumes. Even the editing software they use is much more advance where you can edit facial features like the size of the eyes, even the color of the skin and hair. They also provide more designs that you can add that really speak of Japanese love for cute things.  You can include clip art, text or draw with the provided pen tool.  Purikura costs JPY 400.


Still in Umeda, we were also able to visit one of the largest and famous electronic shops in Japan, Yodabashi Camera Co., Ltd. You will definitely find almost anything you need here, from gadgets to accessories.


Just like Umeda, Dotunburi is an entertainment and shopping district, where you can find seemingly countless restaurants, amusement facilities and fashion retail shops. After looking around to some shopping stalls, we tried some of the restaurants there. At the middle of our walk, we had some refreshments at St. Marc.

Ending our Dotunburi tour is a dinner at Mishe Ya, a fast food restaurant where a coin-operated machine is provided where you can choose your meal and pay. After paying, the machine will release a food stub which you will give to the attendants there.

Our stay in Osaka is for surely one of the most entertaining and gastronomically satisfying memories we took home from Japan.