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N Seoul Tower and the Locks of Love - Travel Habeat N Seoul Tower and the Locks of Love - Travel Habeat

Built in 1969, Namsan Seoul Tower (also known as N Seoul Tower) is a communication and observation tower. Situated 243m atop Namsan mountain, it is South Korea’s first integrated transmission tower providing television and radio broadcasting.

Short Sunset Walk

From the bus drop off point, we trudge the concrete pavement going to the tower. It was a cold November and the sun was already setting down. The view of the mountains and trees surrounding the steep path walk in a dim light gave that magical feeling. It was simply mesmerizing that I wish we had to continue a bit longer. But after around 15 minutes only, we finally reached N Seoul Tower.

Take a relaxing 15-minute walk from the bus drop-off point to N Seoul Tower.

N Seoul Tower Light Art

Standing tall at 236m, seeing the N Seoul Tower is one of the best free things you can do when visiting Seoul. I say free if you choose not to go to the Observatory. We went during the night and the tower was gorgeously lit up.

N Seoul Tower standing brightly at 236m.

N Seoul Tower standing brightly at 236m.

I was personally astonished at the sight of it illuminated in blue. Despite us not able to climb to the Observatory, we were more than contented with the beautiful light art the tower exuded.

Locks of Love

Apart from viewing the N Seoul Tower, we purposely looked for the popular Locks of Love. We found it at the spacious wooden viewing deck at the Roof Terrace located at the top of N Plaza.

Wooden viewing deck at the Roof Terrace.

Thousands of padlocks can be found attached to the fence symbolizing the everlasting love of the couples who placed them. Cool, right?

Locks of Love <3

Locks of Love <3

Our couple friend, Louie and April did try the romantic tradition and bought a love lock from the souvenir shop.

Our couple friend joining the Love Lock tradition.

Our couple friend joining the Love Lock tradition.

Observatory and Cable Car Ride

If you want to get an amazing, panoramic view of the city, you can go climb in the Observatory. For a different experience, you can also try the Namsan Cable Car ride running from the base of the Namsan mountain all the way to the N Seoul Tower.

Restaurants and Shops

Lastly, you can find something to eat or buy some souvenirs at the restaurants and shops at the tower.

N Seoul Tower

Observatory Hours (subject to change according to weather conditions):
Monday – Friday, Sunday: 10:00AM-11PM
Saturdays: 10:00-12MN
Observatory Admission Fee: Adult 10,000 won | Child 8,000 won
Address: 04340  105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (Yongsan-dong 2-ga, YTN Seoul Tower)
Website: http://www.nseoultower.co.kr/eng/



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    January 9, 2018

    The Seoul Tower looks spectacular at night with the lights! I saw a few your Korea pictures on Instagram and they look amazing. Glad that you had a fantastic time!

    • Reply

      Arrianne Guzman

      January 14, 2018

      Thank you, Kat!:) The tower really transforms during the night. 🙂 We definitely had a great time!