“You’ll get a beautiful, panoramic view of Coron”, these are the words they’d tell you in attempt to convince you to climb Mt. Tapyas. With more than 700 steps to reach the summit, Mt. Tapyas is the second highest mountain in Coron town.


The Concrete Steps

The name came from the Filipino word “tapyas” which means ripped off because a portion of the mountain is actually cut off. First-timers would be surprised to see a well paved path leading to Mt. Tapyas summit. Yes, you will climb concrete stairs with hand railings. Such well-conditioned setting might make it sound an easy hike. But I would still say 700+ steps is not just a piece of cake!


Sunrise or Sunset

For a more stunning view, you can opt to climb Mt. Tapyas during sunrise or sunset. Though we didn’t’ had the opportunity to witness either of the two even on my second time to visit the mountain, the natural scenic beauty encompassing Mt. Tapyas makes the hike worthwhile.


Stunning Coron View

From time to time during our ascent, we would stop and snap some photos. Even though we’re not yet at the summit, we already witnessed a remarkable view – some islands surrounded by waters. Some of us took time to rest for a bit in the benches provided. It was also a good thing to be surrounded by greens on our way up.


Step Counter

Probably a way to keep everyone motivated, there were markers indicating the number of steps. It was a joy to reach the first hundred steps and when you get to see the 700 marker – a sense of accomplishment would slowly sink in.


Mt. Tapyas Summit

Finally arriving at the summit, a steel cross can be found at the center of the spacious viewing deck. Few benches were also provided offering climbers some rest.


Now, the panoramic view of Coron town with the surrounding islands was revealed completely. Moment like this where I can pause and just stare blankly at nature’s beauty with the cold wind brushing my hair is priceless.

mt-tapyas-coron2 mt-tapyas-coron4

View from Coron Pier

The sight of Mt. Tapyas can also be seen from Coron pier. We also get to see it from some of the islands we visited.


Traveler’s Tips

  • No environmental fees.
  • Wear a comfortable clothing.
  • Climbing when the sunlight is harsh, wear cap and sunglasses. Put sunblock as well.


  • Bring bottled water, some locals are selling at the base of the mountain.
  • Depending on the length of stops you take, you can reach Mt. Tapyas summit in less than an hour.
  • If you’re just staying within the town proper, you can actually walk to Mt. Tapyas area. Just ask around and there are signage to guide you. The short fifteen-minute walk can also serve as your warm-up.