Shopping at Liliw, Laguna’s Tsinelas Capital and a Visit to St. John the Baptist Church

Our road trip to Laguna started at Nagcarlan Church and Underground Cemetery after which we headed our way to Liliw, otherwise known as Laguna’s tsinelas capital.

Liliw’s Shops

Arriving at the streets of Liliw, we were greeted by numerous stores selling a variety of different “tsinelas” (slippers/shoes) for both men and women.

Price of ladies’ shoes range from PHP 250 – PHP 500. Men’s shoes can be bought at around PHP 500.

There are also some slippers that can be bought for PHP 100 for three pairs already. If you are to buy a number of pairs, you can actually ask for discounts or if reselling, you can buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

St. John the Baptist Church

Aside from tsinelas shopping, we also visited Liliw’s St. John the Baptist Church. Built around 1605, history can attest to the many disasters the church had been through. In 1880, it was heavily damaged by an earthquake and in 1898, it was partly burned.

Today, John the Baptist Church is one of the beautiful baroque-style churches in the Philippines. Made up of red bricks, it is also popularly known as the “red brick church”. Beautiful as it is in the outside, its interiors are astonishing as well. As part of the church’s reconstruction, almost everything inside are new, from the benches to the altar.