Filipinos just love to eat that’s why buffets have become very popular in and out of the metro. In Davao, there is Let’s Crab Eat, a buffet serving unlimited crabs.

There is really nothing too impressive about Let’s Crab Eat. Along with the crabs, their buffet table is not much varied serving around five other local dishes including pork, shrimp and chicken dishes.

There is also limited assortment in their desserts. But we did find contentment in our crabs and shrimps being the sea food lover that we are.

The staff is friendly and the place has a decent atmosphere. Some may just find Let’s Crab Eat a little too pricey (around PHP500) compared to the buffets we have in Manila given the narrow selection in their buffet table.

Just don’t expect much going to the place. If you want crab galore, then come visit Let’s Crab Eat. Don’t assume anything more and you will be fine.

Operating Hours and Other Info

Address: F. Torres St., Davao City
Contact No.:(082) 282 2722
Website: /