Arashiyama’s Bamboo Groves: Trail of Serenity

A district in western Kyoto, Arashiyama has been declared as a National Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty in Japan. Arashiyama’s Sagano Bamboo Forest or simply Bamboo Groves is one of the soulfully touching places you can ever set foot on.

Feast Your Eyes On

Gazing at the tall, green bamboo stalks will make you want to freeze time for a while. Sunlight is naturally peeking through the parade of endless verdant bamboo stems. There’s something about it that just feels so surreal. When you reach the end point, just stop for a moment and stare at the path you took.

Moving Around and About

Arashiyama’s Bamboo Groves is a natural wonder that is nothing less than captivating. Minus the bunch of tourists, trudging through the narrow and concrete pathways surrounded by the green stalks will give you a very peaceful and refreshing feeling. The bamboo trail literally gives a cool atmosphere that will make you forget your stressful city life.


  • Listed as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan. The Soundscapes of Japan aims to reduce noise pollution andencourages people to enjoy nature’s music.
  • A popular tourist destination in Japan that is absolutely free!

Time to Go

  • No Admission Time

Insider Tips

  • As you enter the bamboo trail, there is an old man selling postcards he designed himself. You can buy one as a souvenir for JPY100.
  • Arashiyama‘s Bamboo Groves is one of those places that is best enjoyed during tranquil moments. But since it’s a popular destination, a huge flock of tourists can spoil that experience a little. For a smaller crowd, avoid the spring and fall seasons and visiting on weekends.

Money to Burn

  • No Admission Fee


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    Joy Generoso

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