Are you willing to be away in a fine, white sand beach with crystal clear, turquoise water? Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, a few kilometers away from KK, will definitely have so much in store for you! 


Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) Marine Park is made up of five islands including Gaya, Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik and Sulug. For our island hopping tour, we chose to visit Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik islands.


Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal

Jesselton Point offers island transfer service to the islands of Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi, Sulug and Gaya. Travel time to the terminal is only 30 minutes from the city proper. Since we availed of an island hopping tour package (from Borneo ToursTravel), everything was settled when we arrived at the terminal. After getting our life vest and snorkeling gear, we just waited for our boat to arrive.


Sapi Island

The first island we visited is Sapi which we reached after a 30-minute boat ride. It is a small island rich in marine life good for snorkeling and diving. There are wooden tables and chairs near the shore where we left our things.

kota-kinabalu-island-hopping6 kota-kinabalu-island-hopping7

Someone offered us to try their water activities with rates as follows:

Parasailing – MYR90
Banana Boat Ride – MYR40
Flying Fish – MYR70
Jet Ski (30 minutes) – MYR170
Scuba Diving – MYR250
Seabed Walking – MYR250


We did not avail of the water activities above and we preferred to snorkel that is included in the tour package we obtained. Even just near the shore, there are so many fish swimming around and they are pretty big. You can actually feel them gently nibbling you.

kota-kinabalu-island-hopping11 kota-kinabalu-island-hopping10

To see coral formation, you have to swim a little further. There are markers that serve as reference. Going beyond the first one is where you are going to see the corals.


Manukan Island

We next went to Manukan Island which is the most developed among the five islands on the marine park.

kota-kinabalu-island-hopping13 kota-kinabalu-island-hopping14

Just like in Sapi, there are wooden tables arranged under the shade of trees near the shore where we ate lunch.  There is a canteen nearby where you can buy some food.


Price is affordable and serving is generous. Some of their rates are as follows:

1 Cup of Rice: MYR2
Rice + 1 Dish (Vegetable): MYR4.50
Rice + 1 Dish (Meat): MYR6.50
Rice + 1 Dish (Meat) + 1 Dish (Vegetable): MYR8.50
Coffee, Tea: MYR3.50
Lemon Tea: MYR4

We tried parasailing here and price is the same with that in Sapi. We paid MYR90 for a 15-minute parasailing. It was our first time to try the said water sport. The experience was definitely exhilarating! According to the facilitators (who are fellow Filipinos), weather must be in good condition for them to conduct the activity. It can’t be too windy.


Mamutik Island

The last island we visited was Mamutik Island. It is the smallest among the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park islands. We exhausted ourselves with the last stretch of our KK swimming and snorkeling adventure.

kota-kinabalu-island-hopping17 kota-kinabalu-island-hopping16


  • Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal is very accessible and can be easily found. You can opt not to take an island tour package which can be cheaper. Just check the schedule of their island transfers.
  • If you will not avail any island hopping package, you just need to pay a conservation fee of MYR 10 for each island.
  • Aside from the island hopping tour package, many are offering water sport packages online. You can avail these water activities at cheaper prices right in the islands. There are many facilitators walking around the beach.


Borneo Tours Travel

Island Hopping (Manukan-Manutik-Sapi) with Snorkeling Gear Rates:
RM 140.00 (3 pax – 4 pax)
RM 130.00 (5 pax – 7 pax)
RM 120.00 (8 pax above)
RM 155.00 per pax – With Buffet Barbecue Lunch

June 12, 2014



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    when is the best time to do island hopping?

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    I definitely want to try that parasailing! It looks really fun!
    Thanks for sharing and I love all your photos!

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    I love the photos, vibrant and enticing! One thing I’ve noticed though, there are few tourists.. Is it bec. it’s off season at the time of your visit?