Climate change is our reality. A sad and unfortunate reality we, together with Mother Earth, are enduring and facing. And yet, if I am to scrutinize things even more, climate change is only the tip of the iceberg. Environmental issue has branched out into a number of forms that is slowly annihilating the world, our future.


La Mesa Ecopark

Jumping on the Green Advocacy Bandwagon

Even before I joined the blogosphere, there are two advocacies close to my heart – poverty alleviation and promoting quality education. I usually join our corporate outreach programs to support such causes. But as I started traveling and blogging about the world, I feel the earth is speaking to me.

The WHYs

When people compliment my travel photos, I feel privilege to closely encounter the splendor of nature that always leave me speechless – sunsets, mountains, sandbars, oceans and more. But then I realized the beauty I am laying my eyes on should not only be preserved in pictures. I asked myself, how will these gorgeous places be like 10 years from now?


La Mesa Ecopark

And so I jumped. I jumped on the green advocacy bandwagon. But apart from primarily keeping the nature’s magnificent beauty, there are other reasons why I wanted to take part in caring for our environment.

One is to lessen the impact of natural disasters we are experiencing. In the Philippines alone, calamities are imposing more massive destructions than they were before.


The other motive that convinced me to act for the environment is to help the locals. Whenever I travel, interacting with the locals is discovering beyond what my eyes can see. These folks need help in preserving their habitat especially when the ones they are dealing with are rich corporations and influential people. I remember talking to an Ivatan tour guide in Batanes. He said there had been a lot of attempts to commercialize their place which they are strongly opposing. In any way I can, I want to echo the voice of these people.


La Mesa Ecopark

There goes my whys and so I find myself collaborating with Green Thumb Coalition.

Green Thumb Coalition

Green Thumb Coalition (GTC) was formed to give emphasis on green electoral platform campaign for the 2016 Philippine presidential election. This is to appeal to aspiring leaders to lay down concrete plans in resolving environmental crisis.


The Coalition is committed to work on the following:

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem integrity
  • Natural resource and land use management and governance
  • Human rights and integrity of creation
  • Climate justice
  • Mining, extractives and mineral resource management
  • Energy transformation and democracy
  • Sustainable food sovereignty
  • People-centered sustainable development
  • Waste management

Green Thumb Coalition Bloggers Meet Up

I’ve been seeing and hearing so many things about environmental concerns, both in the local and global scene. But during the GTC Bloggers Meet Up held at La Mesa Ecopark yesterday, I was astounded to still discover a whole lot more.


(c) Green Thumb Coalition


(c) Green Thumb Coalition

Ms. Norie Garcia, ALKFI Adovacy and Partnership Director, made us see closely the effects of mining in different parts of the country. I was really moved by the documentaries we watched – the locales, especially the farmers are crying out loud, literally crying, because of what mining had done to their lands.


(c) Green Thumb Coalition


Fellow travel blogger, Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town, on the other hand, personally inspired me to become a more responsible traveler.


Green Score Card Announcement

GTC gave presidentiables questionnaires to answer from which a Green Score Card will be produced to somehow determine the level of their adherence to “green” agenda. On April 22, 2016, GTC will release the said Green Score Card.

Philippine Presidential Election 2016

“Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters, but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people out there who would be most affected by this. For our children’s children, and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed. Let us not take this planet for granted.”

– Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor and Environmentalist

On May 9, 2016, I do hope you cast your vote. And when you do, I hope you remember the world and its indigenous people. I hope we will not take this planet for granted.


(c) Green Thumb Coalition

Join the Coalition

If you are interested to be part of Green Thumb Coalition or you simply want to share the word, please visit their social media accounts as follows:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenThumbCoalition/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenthumbcoalition/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Green_Thumb2016



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    April 10, 2016

    I agree. Climate change is our reality and it is happening. Mining is something I totally abhor. I have seen a number of documentaries on mining and the effect mining brings is both disheartening and disgusting. I hope there will be concrete rules about it and strong hands to keep these rules working.

  2. Reply


    April 10, 2016

    There is one more thing that can be done. Promote no patronage of non essential things. Manufacturing products contributes to pollution that has affects climate.

    Here’s an irony. Let’s say you buy a car that is powered by battery. Good, because we do not utilize fuel. BUT, to charge the battery, we need electricity and where do most electricity come from?

  3. Reply

    Karla | karlaroundtheworld

    April 10, 2016

    This is a good cause and we should really start making changes in our own little way now.

  4. Reply


    April 10, 2016

    I’ve been exposed to these concerns ever since I was young because my dad is a Pollution Control Officer. Creating awareness for environmental concerns is not an easy task. Kudos to you for being an environment advocate.

  5. Reply


    April 10, 2016

    Climate change is not a joke. We can already feel its effects through stronger typhoons and longer periods of drought. I’m just happy that there are people like you who is doing something about it. Kudos! Thanks for sharing this 😉

  6. Reply

    Me-An Clemente

    April 10, 2016

    That is a great advocacy. I’m a traveler too so I feel heart break when I return to places I’ve been to and see that it’s slowly deteriorating. I wouldn’t be surprised that the places we see in movies like the ones in Hunger Games or Divergent will become a reality if we don’t do something about it. Hope the Green Thumb Coalition will not get tired of their advocacy and we see more supporters.

  7. Reply

    Marge Gavan

    April 10, 2016

    Kudos to you for engaging in such a meaningful advocay, and a timely one at that because as Leo di Caprio said it, climate change is real. At first we may feel like we are not making an impact on how to preserve the environment but advocacies like these, really help in making us aware of what is going, and in giving us a venue to actually help make the change. I will check out Green Thumb and take it from there.

  8. Reply


    April 10, 2016

    Climate change is happening. Sadly, not all of us are aware of it even if we are already experiencing it’s effects. This is indeed an awesome advocacy. Followed them on social media already. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Reply

      Arrianne Guzman

      April 11, 2016

      Thank you very much, Aika! Please help spread the word 🙂 We can all take part in this advocacy in our own ways.

  9. Reply

    Mommy Queenelizabeth

    April 10, 2016

    This is true about global warming.. And im glad that there are a lot of green campaigns nowadays to protect and preserve our mother earth. As individuals we can do small steps on our own that can impact our community to follow as well..

  10. Reply


    April 11, 2016

    Preserving the limited resources that are available on this planet is vital to mankind’s survival. The earth will continue on with or without us, as it has for millennia.

  11. Reply


    April 11, 2016

    Love that your taking action on having a greener planet! I’ve always been a climate change conscious person hehe. Do you have another meeting coming up? I’d love to join!

    • Reply

      Arrianne Guzman

      April 11, 2016

      Hi Johna,

      I think they are planning to have another meet up this coming Sat, April 16 🙂 Please send a message on their FB page. You can also e-mail them at greenthumbcoalition2016@gmail.com We need more volunteers! Hope to see see you in future events 🙂


  12. Reply

    Nina Sogue

    April 11, 2016

    I’d love to join future events too! As a mother, I’m very devoted now in helping save the planet. I want to secure my son’s future, especially since we only have 1 earth 🙂

    • Reply

      Arrianne Guzman

      April 11, 2016

      Please do join, Nina 🙂

  13. Reply


    April 11, 2016

    It’s nice to know that there are still people who are concerned with this matter. It is sad that these kind of campaign were often neglected here in our country. In most of my travel experiences outside PH, I am always jealous of how other countries preserve their natural surroundings despite modernization. Hope that someday will come, that we are not dreaming of that anymore, and we’ll eventually be enjoying a greener country.

  14. Reply


    April 11, 2016

    A great cause! yes, climate change is affecting us in so many ways, In my country people are getting sick because of different climate conditions. We must be aware of this and take precautionary measures.

  15. Reply


    April 11, 2016

    It appears that you had a great time during your meet up and it is nice to know that you are concerned about climate change. I am actually a fan of green engineering since it is my profession.

  16. Reply

    Sigrid Says

    April 11, 2016

    That’s so nice! You have a bloggers’ group that focuses on environmental preservation! I had been campaigning for more plants in my City, which is Bacolod, because I feel the need to have more greens around especially that more and more buildings are being erected. Onwards to saving the environment for the future generation!

  17. Reply

    Cai Dominguez- Travelosyo

    April 11, 2016

    Thanks for introducing this group to us Arriane, Environmental concerns is one of my advocacies . Though, im not actively participating to any group. I’m happy to know that there are growing numbers of people who are concerned about our environment. I hope I could join them soon 🙂

  18. Reply


    April 11, 2016

    Looks like you had a great meet up! Climate change is such a huge issue and there are a lot of contributing factors that people don’t think of. If we all do a little to save this planet then it will go a long way to preserving it for future generations, the UK is so far behind when it comes to recycling and using green energy which saddens me when we have the funds the make change!

  19. Reply

    Rachel Arandilla

    April 12, 2016

    Many critics say climate change is too big an issue to tackle for individuals like us. However I believe that small efforts and believing in the cause is more than enough to help and it will make a big difference.

  20. Reply


    April 12, 2016

    I am greatly affected with climate change. Our area relies on Hydropower plants for energy consumption. Because of El Nino, we have been experiencing 4-8 hours of rotational brownouts. This can really help out even in the smallest way when it comes to fighting climate change.

  21. Reply


    June 16, 2016

    you poeple will definetly suceed in your cause