Archery may not be your usual sport but popular fictional characters like Katniss Everdeen and Oliver Queen have made it one of the really cool things to try in case you don’t have anything to do on a Saturday. 

It took us several years to finally try it (Relate?).

We’ve been eyeing to really try archery for more than three years now. You know those times when you and your friends plan and nothing really happens. We even suggested it for our team building activity. Finally, we found Gandiva Archery Range and made our archery madness come to life!

Archery Squad

My Archery Squad. 🙂

We Called for Reservation.

Yes,it’s a wise thing to do because uncommon as it is, there might be a lot of people who want to try it, too. Around 10 archers can play at a time at Gandiva. We went on a Saturday and we noticed there were those with their personal archery gears who rented lanes for hours. Better reserve to avoid waiting or even worse, not being able to play.

The Trial Package

To save money, each of us availed of Gandiva’s archery trial package for an hour. This includes everything we need with the guidance of their staff. The trial package is good if it’s your first time to try archery when you don’t even know how to properly hold your bow.  But if you can already appropriately place that arrow at the string’s nocking point, then you can just opt to rent your lane and equipment.

Wear the Gears.

To start being so cool, we wore an arm guard and a quiver with the assistance of the staff. We then got our bows and arrows.

The staff assisted us to properly wear the gears.

The staff assisted us to properly wear the gears.

Choose a Target Face (Or you can probably bring your own target face.)

Guess what, archery will never be complete without a target! Gandiva has several target faces to choose from. But in case you really wanted to, you can bring your ‘preferred’ target (you know what I mean).

Cool target designs to choose from!

Cool target designs to choose from!

Time to Pull the String

It’s not yet time! We don’t know anything! After we were all set, the staff started teaching us. And they taught us well – from holding the bow, to carefully placing the arrow and aiming the target (Yes, you can add some inborn talent to that, harhar).

After a few trials, they will let you play on your own. But they will be watching over you. Whenever they notice you’re doing something that is not so right, they will gladly assist you.

It’s Time Now.

Sad. Before we knew it, it’s already time. Time for our last set. We enjoyed so much that we wanted more seconds to play. We were actually given a bonus set as we kindly asked of them.Our left upper arm got a little sore but we definitely had a good time!

Is It Hard to Learn Archery?

Sweet NO.

Tips for Playing Archery

  • Stand sideways and relax your shoulders.
  • Listen to Gandiva’s staff when it’s time to shoot and retrieve the arrows. Do not shoot if someone is not yet finish retrieving the arrows, wait for the signal of the staff to start again.
  • Your hand pulling the string should be just under your chin, do not pull beyond this point.
  • Close your left eye when aiming and shooting the target.
  • Bows are numbered. Remember your number. Be sure to get the same bow after leaving it on the stand to retrieve your arrows. Why? Most of the time, bows will be calibrated by the instructor while you’re playing. A bow calibrated for someone else may not suit you.

  • After setting an aim, release the arrow immediately to avoid shaking of arms that will make you miss the target even more.
  • There is a proper way to put the arrows in the bow. Look for the nocking point in the string and place the shaft at the arrow rest.
  • The three middle fingers should be used in pulling the arrow. The index finger should be above the arrow while the middle and ring fingers should be below the arrow.
  • When pulling the string, be sure that there is a small space between the pulling fingers and the arrow.
  • When pulling your arrow out of the target face, pull from the shaft and not from the tail of the arrow.
  • Feel the warrior in you and enjoy!

How much is an Archery Set?

According to Gandiva’s staff, a complete set of a standard archery equipment costs around PHP17K. The set includes a bow, 6 arrows, an arm guard and a quiver. Expensive ones used by professionals can range from PHP40K-PHP50K. Insider tip: Gandiva sometimes offers discounts for their archery equipment!

Cool archery equipment.

Cool archery equipment.

Be Your Own Katniss or Oliver

You definitely are a Katniss or Oliver in your own way. Aim. And hit your target. Now.

The squad obviously happy with the results 🙂

Rental Fees and Other Rates

  • Range Rental/Lane: PHP350/hr
  • Equipment Rental: PHP350/hr
  • Instructor’s Fee: PHP380/hr
  • Target Face: PHP40/hr

1 Hour Archery Trial Package: PHP980


  • 1 hour use of range lane
  • Archery equipment
  • 1 target face with
  • Assistance/Coaching from Staff

Archery Lesson: PHP 12,000


  • 15 hours accumulated use of range
  • Free use of archery equipment during the program
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free target faces
  • Provision of grading sheet

Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe

Operating Hours: Sun-Thurs, 10AM-7PM / Fri & Sat, 10AM-9PM
Address:Unit 703-705 One Corporate Center Julia Vargas corner Meralco Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Contact No.:(02) 638-8771