Online Flight Reservation for Visa Application

Planning for a trip to any Schengen or OECD countries? For a third-world passport holder like me, visiting such places would have to start with the dreaded visa application. With tons of paper works, you have to convince the immigration officer reviewing your application that you’ll be coming back in your home country. There are different documents you can submit like Certificate of Employment (COE), business permit, and property titles. Flight reservation for visa is also a solid credential to support your application.

What is a Flight Reservation for Visa Application?

A flight reservation is a valid flight itinerary (exactly the same when you purchase any airline ticket) issued by an airline or travel agency. You might hear it being referred to as dummy flight itinerary, booked/confirmed flight itinerary, proof of onward travel, roundtrip flight ticket, or ticket booking among others.  Take note that a flight reservation is only valid for a period of time depending on the airline.  

With flight reservation, you don’t actually pay for the airline ticket. You just pay a minimal amount of service fee. This is definitely a better option than to book a thousand-dollar flight, right? It will be heartbreaking to have your visa denied, what more if you already purchased your flight ticket?

Many obtain their flight reservation from travel agencies but if you are like me who wants to do it online, keep on reading (you’re welcome!).

Flight Reservation Online via Travel Visa Services

Initially, I thought of coordinating through a travel agency to reserve for a flight for my Canadian tourist visa application. But while doing my research and still preparing some documents, I read from a fellow traveler that she’s having a hard time getting response from the same travel agency I was supposed to contact. Good thing, I discovered Travel Visa Services from a friend who used their service for her Schengen visa application (she got approved, btw). I instantly changed my mind after I found out the online platform is available, as I knew this will be more convenient and probably faster.


Travel Visa Services is a DTI-accredited travel agency assisting travelers to complete their visa requirements like flight and hotel reservation. They also offer train reservation and travel insurance. Transaction or reservation is made online. For flight reservation, Travel Visa Services provides confirmed flight itinerary with a valid booking reference number or booking code. Once you get your flight ticket reservation confirmation, you can verify the flight booking at the airline’s website.

For support, Travel Visa Services is fast and responsive. They reply quickly to e-mails. They also have a chat facility in their website.

How to get flight reservation


How to Reserve Flight from Travel Visa Services

You can go to Travel Visa Services website here to check out their rates or if you have questions. Once you decide which package/service to avail, you can proceed to making your flight reservation in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: You have to pay first before accomplishing your registration form (separate link). Pay the reservation fee here.

Step 2: Fill out the reservation form with your name and flight details here.

Flight Reservation Form from Travel Visa Services

Portion of the form to fill out.

Make sure to indicate the correct Date Ordered and the Name and Email Used to Order.

Step 3: And voila! Last step is to wait for your flight itinerary that will be sent to you via e-mail.

Sample Flight Itinerary

Below is the flight itinerary I received via e-mail.

Cathay Pacific Flight Itinerary I Submitted for my Canadian Tourist Visa Application

Flight Reservation Package

The rates for the flight reservation from Travel Visa Services are as follow:


If you’re not in a hurry, you can just choose the Regular 15 Hours like I did. If you’re also lucky like me, you’ll get a free upgrade from Regular order to Critical for free. I received my flight reservation within 2 hours after I ordered.

How long is the flight reservation valid?

Depending on the airline, flight reservation is usually valid up to 3 weeks.

Choose a Specific Flight or Airline

If you have a specific flight or airline in mind, you can request for it when you fill out the reservation form. Just do note that not all airlines allow flight reservation like Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. You can inquire in their website via chat to know if your preferred airline offers flight reservation.

How to Verify your Flight Online

You can check the availability of your flight from the website of the airline where the reservation was made using the booking reference code in your flight ticket. Just look for the Manage Booking section of the airline’s website.

While my visa application is still on-going, I check from time to time if my flight reservation is still valid (you know the agony of the visa application waiting game is real, lol).

Not Required to Purchase or Continue the Flight Reservation

Once your visa is approved, you can either choose to continue booking the reserved flight or not. You are not required to purchase the flight and the reservation will just be automatically cancelled at a later date (yes, no need to request for cancellation).

Flight Reservation is Valid for Visa Application Only

Note that the flight reservation you made is valid for your visa application only. If you wish to continue or use the same flight itinerary, you have to book the flight on your own or via Travel Visa Services as well (with fee, of course).


Did I continue booking the flight reservation I ordered for my visa application? No (because I waited and looked further for a cheap airfare). Did my visa application (Canada) with my flight reservation got approved? Yes.

Just do note that the flight reservation does not guarantee your visa being granted. There are many factors to consider. If you are willing to spare a few bucks for an increased chance of acquiring that hard-to-get visa in that dream destination of yours, then the online flight reservation is a fast and a more convenient option.