For quite some time, we’ve been eyeing to try Epic Coffee Roastery at Kapitolyo, Pasig. One rainy afternoon, we finally did.

Epic Coffee Roastery is a sister company of Poco Deli, one of our favorites among the Kapitolyo restaurant lineups. Entering the café, we instantly felt comfortable with their interior that is simple yet creatively designed.

Epic Coffee Roastery wooden interiors.

Wooden interiors accentuated by brick walls.

The Atmosphere

The contemporary wood interior design of the place is quite striking. Aside from tables and chairs, the counter, shelves, and some adornments are nicely made of wood. I like how this whole wood setup is accentuated by brick walls.

Epic Coffee Roastery

Epic Coffee Roastery’s Beautiful Counter

With the place somewhat promoting “more bikes and less cars”, bicycle decors are all over that added a unique ambiance to Epic Coffee Roastery. I also find the menu written on chalkboards really cool.

On the Table

For an afternoon snack, we ordered Belgian Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake for the cakes and Mochachino and Cappuccino for our coffee.

Their coffee comes in two sizes, regular or large. We got regular Cappuccino and large Mochachino. Both coffee flavors tasted the way they should be. The foamy cappuccino rightly has that strong espresso flavor. The chocolate in Mochachino does not overpower the cappuccino in it that may be good for those who wanted a twist on their classic cappuccino but do not want a chocolate overdose. They also serve frappes and non-coffee drinks.


Regular Cappuccino – PHP110 (Large – PHP130)

The cakes we ordered are just simply fabulous. I really like their Belgian Chocolate Cake. Belgian chocolate is actually considered by a lot of people to be the world’s best chocolate. Imagine having it on your cake? It just wonderfully gives the traditional chocolate cake a largely different meaning. Epic’s Belgian Chocolate Cake has that rich Belgian chocolate in between layers that is not very sweet.

Belgian Chocolate Cake

Belgian Chocolate Cake (PHP130), Large Mochachino – PHP 140 (Regular – PHP 120)

For cakes, the second last thing that I will order is a cheesecake (because most of the time, I find the cheese overly crazy that I feel like I’m eating pure cheese). And the last thing I will have is a strawberry cheesecake because I don’t really eat strawberry flavored stuff. I gave Epic’s Strawberry Cheesecake a try and I am just too glad I did. The strawberry and the cheese flavor in it just adequately constituted the cake – not too much of any of it. This is by far my first favorite Strawberry Cheesecake.

 Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake


Visit Epic Coffee Roastery if you are looking for a coffee place with a chill vibe along the Kapitolyo food district.  Support their simple mission of  inspiring artisans and spreading their advocacy of using more bikes and less cars, and knowing coffee.  Their Belgian Chocolate Cake is definitely a must-try. If only it was not raining during our visit with a really cold temperature, I’d taste their handcrafted ice cream (I’m quite intrigued with the Salted Caramel flavor).

P.S. Their rainbow cake looks interesting, too.

rainbow cake

Do you see that rainbow cake? 🙂

Epic Coffee Roastery

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 8AM-10PM
Address: 102 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig
Contact No.: (02) 631-0057