Quezon is known for the famous Pahiyas Festival being celebrated during the month of May. But aside from attending Pahiyas, the other best thing to do in the enormously hot summer days is, you guess it right, to go swimming!

Before summer officially ended, our group decided to have our company outing at Dalampasigan Beach Resort in Sariaya, Quezon. Dalampasigan is a Filipino word for seashore or simply shore. After around four hours of travel time, our last-summer-weekend getaway finally started!


The rooms are built with attractive lawns. We stayed in one of the Dahlia rooms that has a veranda. It has three single beds and one double deck. The air-conditioned room was spacious with a small sala and a clean bathroom area. We just found the room to be a bit old with the sofas looking untidy. There was no television provided. You have to bring your toiletries as well. Smoking was not allowed in any room.

Our messy room 🙂

Swimming Pool

Dalampasigan Beach Resort has one adult and one kiddie pool situated next to each other. A few pool lounge chairs were available and they can probably add more. Water was very clean. Since the adult pool was quite huge, a water activity can be good to organize here.

Huge resort pool.

Kiddie Pool


The beach was a five-minute walk from where the rooms are located. The fine, black sand was really nice. Even from afar you can see the markers in the beach.

Fine, black sand.

A dip in the cold waters and a walk in the early morning can be so refreshing. You may just not get a peaceful walk since a great crowd was already present even in the morning. Probably they would also want to make the most of the remaining days of summer.


Other Amenities

For the resort’s other amenities, they have picnic halls and nipa huts located near the beach area. They have a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and a small store where you can buy basic stuff.

Beach cottages.

Beach cottages.

They also have recreational facilities like basketball court and children’s playground. Some of us played basketball but they rented the ball (PHP200/hr) they used. A deposit was also required that is refundable once the ball is returned.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

We were able to conduct our group games in front of the rooms where we stayed (good thing they allowed us to).

Our group playing games.



For rates, click here.

Dalampasigan Beach Resort

Address: Barangay Guis-guis, Sariaya, Quezon
Contact Nos.: (049) 502-2205, 0921-6562433, 0932-8783956
E-mail: dalampasiganresort@gmail.com, sales.reservation@dalampasigan.net
Website: http://www.dalampasigan.net


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