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Escape to Batanes Paradise: The Sabtang Island Tour

Our Batanes tour will not be complete without experiencing the 45-minute falowa ride to Sabtang Island. Sabtang is one of the municipalities of Batanes Island Group and is divided into 6 baranggays which include Chavayan and Savidug. Noticeably more rural than Batan, Sabtang Island has preserved the traditional Ivatan stone houses and even the culture.

Discovering Siquijor Island: The Truth and the Fallacy

Much has been told about the island of Siquijor. Folk legends share the existence of witchcraft in the place. During my teenage years, I remember watching Siquijor documentaries about “witches” making paper dolls dance without strings. You’ll also hear about their famous “mananambal” or folk healer. Witchcraft and black magic stories had indeed gave Siquijor…