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Gangnam Cat Cafe Visit: A Must Do in Seoul - Travel Habeat Gangnam Cat Cafe Visit: A Must Do in Seoul - Travel Habeat

Seoul, Korea is definitely a heaven of coffee shops for all the coffee lovers out there. Not only is there a number of cafes almost everywhere, they have various themed ones like book and pet cafes.

Cat Cafe in Gangnam Distrcit

Cat Cafe in Gangnam Distrcit

Cat Cafe in Gangnam District

Me and my friends are certified coffee lovers and whenever we go out, we will surely never miss to drop by a coffee shop. Sipping some hot espresso has always been our way of ending the day no matter what we do. And Seoul has been such a spoiler that we went to at least one cafe each day during our visit.


I’ve been to some themed cafes before but I had never tried a pet cafe. I don’t own any pets that’s why I was a little nervous when we went to the Cat Cafe in Gangnam District.

No Time Limit for KRW 8,000

Arriving at the shop, each of us paid KRW 8,000 (PHP 375). This already included one drink and an unlimited stay.

One drink per person is included in the admission fee of KRW 8,000.

After paying, we get to change our shoes to the provided pair of slippers.

You are required to wear the slippers provided.

Friendly Reminders

Please be reminded of the house rules implemented in the shop so you won’t annoy the cats while enjoying yourselves.

Friendly House Rules

Friendly House Rules

Cat Photo Gallery

It was a bit challenging to photograph these amazing creatures because they move a lot, lol.

Date me <3

But here are some snapshots of some of the cats freely roaming everywhere inside the cafe.

Don’t mess with me. Meow!



Stretch three times a day!

Who are you looking at? <3

Look-away pose.

Look-away pose.

Feed the Cats

As indicated in the reminder, guests were not allowed to just feed the cats. But we befriended the owner and he gave us some cat food to try to feed them. For someone like me who don’t have any pets, it was indeed a fun experience.

Feeding the cats.

Feeding the cats.

Farewell Cute Cats and Oppa

All the cute cats were good pets of the owner. He was very nice to us that aside from letting us feed his cats, he tried his best to communicate with us so that we’ll get to know him, I mean, his cats better, HAHA.

<3 <3 <3

Look at the camera, baby 🙂

The language barrier was really difficult but his efforts (he even tried to make signs and hand gestures) were very much appreciated (and remembered, lol).

Bye oppa! 🙂

Cat Cafe

Website: http://www.godabang.com/sub5_navigator/sub5_7.asp