Being in Batanes means eating lunis, uvud balls, bukayo and coconut crabs. Probably the last thing you’ll find in the place is a yummy pizza house. Surprisingly, there is. There is Casa Napoli.

There are a lot of delectable Ivatan dishes that are really worth giving a try. But if out of nowhere you suddenly crave for a pizza in Batanes, Casa Napoli is there to the rescue.

Casa Napoli is previously located along Abad St. in Basco. It’s a simple house converted to a pizzeria. Located in a new venue, we found Casa Napoli beside Bernardo’s Hotel, 20 minutes away from Batanes Seaside Lodge. Casa Napoli and Bernardo’s Hotel have the same owner.

In Casa Napoli, there are around 5 small, wooden tables that can accommodate approximately 10-15 people.

Included in their pizza menu are crowd favorites like Pepperoni and Hawaiian.Their pizza comes only in 2 sizes, regular or large. You can combine 2 flavors in one pizza just like what we did. We ordered Supremo and Ham and Cheese. They just computed for the sum of half of the prize of both pizzas. Depending on the flavor you choose, regular size pizza can cost from PHP220 – PHP310.

You can order in advance so they can prepare your pizza ahead of time. Here’s their contact number: 0944-9268493.