Capiz Travel Guide

Capiz Travel Guide

Capiz is the island in Panay hailed as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. Still under the tourist radar, the province will surely spoil your huge appetite. But the place is more than just its abundant marine resources. It is a humble town rich in culture and heritage, and more importantly, it is home to the wonderful Capisnons.

About Capiz

With Roxas City as its capital, Capiz is often bypassed as a travel destination being a mere jump-off point to the nearby provinces of Aklan, Antique, and Iloilo. Just as it did with me, captivating Capiz will surprise you with the many things it can offer. Experience – really memorable ones – is what the place will give you. From historical churches to its scenic share of nature, Capiz is really just waiting to be explored.

Things to Do in Capiz

Enjoy Palina Greenbelt Ecopark and Cadimahan River Tour.

Sometimes you just want to go with the flow of nature and what a better way to do it than to have a river cruise! Palina Greenbelt Ecopark and Cadamihan River Tour will treat you to a two-hour river tour on a bamboo raft. You can even have your massage on board. How rejuvenating is that?

Location: Lawis Baybay, Roxas City
Contact Nos.: (036) 621-5918, (0919) 883-7211

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark and Cadimahan River Tour

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark and Cadimahan River Tour

Relax at Marugo Lake.

When too much clutter is on your mind, being cast away in a peaceful place like Marugo Lake may calm you. I like how it just felt so quiet and serene. The pressure I’m feeling lately melted away as I stare in the unassuming waters surrounded with lush nature. It was like life tapping me at my back saying, “It’s ok to stop and breathe.”. You can go river rafting or kayaking at Marugo Lake.

Location: San Antonio, Tapaz Capiz

Marugo Lake

Marugo Lake

Catch fish and crabs at Siguin.

If you want an exciting activity, you can try catching fish and crab at Siguin (only at the Seafood Capital of the Philippines!). Siguin is an Ilonggo word meaning “harvest”. You will really plunge yourself in the waters to get one! Easy? Then challenge yourself and catch as many as you can. You can afterwards cook all the fish and crabs you got.

P.S. Shower area is provided to guests. Just bring extra clothing.

Location: Cagay Roxas City, Capiz



Ring the Largest Bell in Asia at Sta. Monica Parish Church.

Sta. Monica Church is more than just your beautiful heritage church as it houses the largest bell in Asia. The bell was made from 70 sacks of coins. Experience climbing the bell tower and the church guide will show you how to ring the bell that is heard around eight meters across the town.

Sta. Monica Parish Church

Sta. Monica Parish Church

Go on Pilgrimage at Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine.

For the religious ones, you can drop by at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine. Light some candles and utter some prayers. Since it’s situated atop a hill, expect a scenic view as well.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine

Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine

Discover Capiz’ history and culture at Panublion Museum.

If you want a quick peek at the history and culture of Capiz, spend some time at Panublion Museum. Panublion is a Hiligaynon term which means guardian of precious things. Built in 1910, it was used before as the city’s water reservoir.

Address: Legaspi Hughes St. Roxas City, Capiz
Contact No.: (033) 621-2070

Panublion Museum

Panublion Museum

Visit the Birthplace of Manuel Roxas.

If you’re in Roxas City, make sure to visit the birthplace of the late Philippine President, Manuel Roxas. It’s an ancestral house turned into museum that is currently maintained by the Albars, Roxas’ distant relatives. You will find several antiques inside. I especially like the beautiful, traditional windows made from Kapis shells which are abundant in the area.

Birthplace of Manuel Roxas

Birthplace of Manuel Roxas

Explore Cabugao Verdant Farm (And Eat Grilled Talaba!).

Cabugao Verdant Farm will give you a complete farm experience with the many activities it offers like calamansi picking and duck feeding. They also have the best grilled talaba! Seriously!

Cabugao Verdant Farm

Cabugao Verdant Farm

Go on Capiz Food Trip.

Surely, you should not leave the Seafood Capital without feasting on its mouthwatering dishes. But aside from prawns and crabs, Capiz will satisfy your other cravings – even your sweet tooth!

  • Breakfast at Café Terraza – Enjoy your breakfast at Café Terraza with a relaxing view.

         Address: Pueblo De Panay Roxas City
         Contact Nos.: (0917) 312-1498, (0939) 927-1447

Café Terraza

Café Terraza

  • Seafood Lunch at Cadamihan River Cruise – Aside from a scenic cruise, make sure to get a bountiful seafood lunch during your Cadamihan River tour.
Seafood Lunch at Cadamihan River Cruise

Seafood Lunch at Cadamihan River Cruise

  • Snack at Holy Grounds Café – At Holy Grounds Café, try Puso, a sticky glutinous rice cake that is best paired with native coffee or hot cholocate.
Puso - a sticky glutinous rice cake.

Puso – a sticky glutinous rice cake.


  • Spanggo Cafe and Pasalubong Center – I’m not a huge fan of pies but when I got to try that of Spanggo’s, I instantly became one. I really like their apple and buko pies. Make sure to get a box when you return home.

          Address: Rizal St. Roxas City, Capiz
          Contact No.: (036) 522-8848

Pie from Spanggo

Pie from Spanggo

Pie from Spanggo

  • Banica Dried Fish Market – You can find a wide assortment of dried fish at Banica for a cheaper price. Hoard as much as you can then!
Banica Dried Fish Market

Banica Dried Fish Market

  • Cakelovers Bakeshop – To better satisfy your sweet tooth, drop by at Cakelovers Bakeshop for some traditional Filipino snacks like cassava cake, otap, and more!

          Address: Taft St. Poblacion, Dumalag, Capiz
          Contact No.: (0916) 343-4204

Get some souvenirs at Kapis ATBP. Shell Craft Factory.

Kapis shells do make such pretty souvenirs and even furniture. Get one at Kapis Shell Craft Factory to add to your unique travel souvenir collection. You can also watch how some of the products were made.

Address: Brgy. Banica, Roxas City, Capiz
Contact No.: (036) 621-0482

Kapis Shell Craft Factory

Kapis ATBP Shell Craft Factory

How to Go to Capiz

From Manila

Travel to Roxas City from Manila by plane for only 45 minutes.

From Batangas

Travel to Roxas City from Batangas via ro-ro for 16 hours.

From Iloilo City

Travel to Roxas Ctiy from Iloilo City by bus for 3 hours.

From Kalibo

Travel to Roxas City from Kalibo by bus for 1.5 hours.

Travel and Tour Operators (DOT Accredited)

  •  Island Paradise Travel and Tours
    Address: Banica, Roxas City, Capiz
    Contact Nos.: (036) 522-7746, (0939) 425-1100
  • Jetsetter Travels
    Address: 155 Burgos St. Roxas City, Capiz
    Contact Nos.: (036) 620-5278, (0947) 5394898
  • Las Islas Travel and Tours
    Address: Punta Dulog, Pubelo de Panay, Lawaan, Roxas City
    Contact Nos.: (036) 521-0725, (0918) 611-8659
  • Pack & Go
    Address: Door 3, Mejorada Bldg., Plaridel St., Roxas City
    Contact Nos.: (036) 620-2732, (0917) 650-0332
  • R Travel
    Address: Burgos St., Roxas City, Capiz
    Contact Nos.: (036) 621-0519, (0998) 988-8078
  • San Mateo Travel and Agency Services
    Address: Poblacion, Ilawod, Panay, Capiz
    Contact No.: (0999) 346-0592
  • Skyhigh Travel and Tours Services
    Address: Arnaldo Blvd., Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
    Contact No.: (036) 620-0636
  • Southwest Travel & Tours
    Address: Brgy. Tiza, Roxas City
    Contact No.: (0920) 958-5238
  • The Amazing Discoveries Travels and Tours
    Address: 3rd Floor, Room 25, Capiz Government Business Center, Fuentes Drive, Roxas City
    Contact Nos.: (036) 620-3563


Capiz is definitely a rich province with a lot to offer from delicious food to fun activities. Whether you’re a foodie, a culture vulture, or a nature lover, Capiz has something for you. The Capisnons also prove to be some of the coolest people you’ll come across with. Make sure to add Capiz to your must-go destination in the Philippines!