Canada SIM Card for Tourist

Visiting Canada soon? You may need to avail a Canada sim card for research purposes like use of maps while walking around or you just need to be connected to people. Whatever your reason may be, you can avail or order a prepaid sim card for Canada online.

With my recent trip to Canada, I looked for an affordable sim card good for tourist. Even if I know that I can find ways to get connected while roaming around, I saved my self from the hassle and time to do so. It’s not cheap traveling in Canada that’s why I want to make the most of every second of my limited time here.

It’s not easy to find a Canada prepaid sim card for tourist but I stumble upon Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card.

Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card

I was skeptical at first to avail a Canada sim card from Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card. I’m not sure if it’s going to work or will the speed be worth it. After reading some reviews, I was convinced to try their product.

Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card offers international data sim cards for Filipinos traveling overseas. They cater to a wide range of countries like Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

USA-Canada-Mexico Data Sim Card

The product that I ordered from Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card is their USA-Canada-Mexico Data prepaid sim card for 30 days. It has the following features:

  • 4GB 4G/LTE + Unlimited 3G Data + 350 Minutes Call (No SMS)
  • Sim card is plug and play, no registration needed.
  • Sim card works with any 4G/LTE openline phone (make sure your mobile phone is not locked to a specific network provider).
  • You can make local calls in USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Sim card is triple cut.
  • Once you have consumed the allotted 4GB 4G/LTE, your data speed will automatically be converted to 3G.
  • If your mobile phone is 3G supported only, it is not guaranteed if the sim card will work.
  • Hot spot or tethering will work if your mobile phone is compatible with the sim card.

How to Use Canada Sim Card  

Upon arrival in Canada, just put the sim card in your phone. Simply turn on your mobile data and voila! You can already start surfing.

Note that if your phone is dual sim, put the sim card in slot 1 and leave slot 2 empty.

Canada SIM Card Rates

30 Days – PHP1900

15 Days – PHP850

How to Order from Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card

You just need to send them a message in their Facebook page with the following details:

Order: 30 Days USA/Canada 4GB (1pc)

Contact No.: [Insert Contact No.]

Address:  [Insert complete address for delivery]

Note: Free shipping via JRS Express


I did not encounter any technical issues using my Canada sim card. Speed was stable and very satisfactory. I was able to utilize the sim as hot spot. I was also able to use it to make a local call in Canada.

They reply quickly to inquiries and delivery of the sim is fast. I personally recommend the product and if needed, I will avail again for my future trips.

Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Data SIM Card

Facebook Page:
Address: 2-3 Jaime Street, Balibago, Angeles City Pampanga, 2009
Contact Nos.: 0927-2413865, 09472459488

March 21, 2020