I’ve heard about Caffe La Tea a number of times from one of my good blogger friends, Jerro Santos of GourManila. This is why I got really excited when I learned from our Lakbay Norte trip that we will check out the place. Visiting its pioneer branch in Cabanatuan City, I was eager to find out what Caffe La Tea has in store for us.

Lakbay Norte 6 Group

Lakbay Norte 6 Group, Photo Credit: Martin San Diego of North Phililippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB)

The Atmosphere

Caffé La Tea welcomed us with a cool vibe. Personally, it gave me a relaxing impression – a place where you would love to meet friends for some overdue conversation. A fan of inspirational quotations, I liked how they decorated their walls with beautiful words. Caffé La Tea’s simple yet modern interiors reminded me of the casual Manila life. The sight of the comfy sofas was quite a “spoiler” alert.

On the Table

After our group was able to settle, we started peeking at their menu. They noticeably have a wide range of milk tea at an expectedly cheaper prices compared to the ones sold in Manila. All milk teas are served with tapioca pearls. They have interesting flavors like Mangga Milk Tea, milk tea served with Philippine mango.

Aside from the regular milk teas, they also have a variety of yakult milk teas, fruit teas, and milk tea smoothies. How cool does that sound? Even cooler as you might think, they offer homemade Rocksalt and Cheese (RS&C) foam – their bestseller! I tried the Dark Choco + RS&C (Dark Cocoa + Milk Tea + RS&C) and it became a personal favorite in an instant! Many in our group also tried their Fuzzymelon + RS&C.

Dark Choco + RS&C (Dark Cocoa + Milk Tea + RS&C), PHP85 – Grande, PHP95 – Venti

Aside from the cold drinks, someone from us ordered their Green Tea – nothing special though as you may note.

Green Tea

Oh, and they also have cute cupcakes that you can pair with your drink for some light afternoon snack.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet – PHP49

Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake – PHP59

We were also able to try some of their best appetizers – Deviled Tofu, Chiz Buco, and Cheezy Beef Nachos.

Photo Credit: Martin San Diego of North Phililippines Visitors Bureau (NPVB)

Chiz Buco was more than just the traditional deep fried lumpia – it was a combination of buco (coconut meat), vegetables, ham, and cheese in lumpia wrapper. I never thought buco would taste that good in lumpia. Dipped in vinegar, Chiz Buco was definitely one of our favorites!

Chiz Buco

Chiz Buco – PHP129

Deviled Tofu was also a personal favorite for me – I love tofu. And the bonus part? The spicy and flavorsome sauce. I’m sure some would even want to pair it with rice.

Deviled Tofu

Deviled Tofu- PHP129

Two thumbs up for the Cheezy Beef Nachos, too!

Cheesy Beef Nachos

Cheesy Beef Nachos- PHP169


I was glad that I was able to finally try Caffé La Tea afer hearing a lot of good things about it for a long time. The fusion of milk tea and traditional Filipino food is quite interesting and unique to try.

Often, when you hear about the popular milk tea shops in the metro, you’d discover that it was inspired from places like Hong Kong. Caffé La Tea proudly incorporates a Filipino touch in their menu. Hopefully, we are able to give more support to our homegrown restaurants.

Caffé La Tea

Address: Justo Building, Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Website: https://caffelateaph.com

Disclosure: This Lakbay Norte trip was organized by North Philippines Bureau (NPVB) in partnership with Manila North Tollways Corporation / NLEX-SCTEX, Victory Liner, Inc., Nueva Ecija Convention and Visitors Associations (NECVA), and Cagayan North Convention and Visitors Bureau (CNCVB).  Lakbay Norte is an annual media familiarization trip aiming to promote Philippine provinces in the north.

Sponsored by: Department of Tourism – Region 2, Department of Tourism – Region 3, Petron Corporation and Prifood Corporation.