Finding its roots in Angeles, Pampanga, C’ Italian Dining started as a cafe inspired by the family’s frequent visits to Rome. It actually served as a home of great Italian food to the Kapampangans. As their patrons grew to include those coming from the metro, C’ Italian Dining opened its doors to the famous city of Makati. Popularly known for their panizza, C’ Italian Dining serves an extensive menu that is truly Italian.

The Atmosphere

Elegant, intimate, and romantic. These are the few words that came into my mind upon entering C’ Italian Dining. Since I like places with paintings, I really adore the huge frames hanging on their walls. The area for me has a sufficient space that you won’t feel too cramped when it gets full. It is not too big either that maintains that cozy atmosphere.

C' Italian Dining Interiors

C’ Italian Dining Interiors

On the Table

Minestrone (PHP170)

We started the night with minestrone, a classic Italian vegetable stew.


Minestrone – Italian vegetable stew.

Together with this warm starter, we were also served with some bread that came with pesto and parmesan dip.

Bread with Pesto and Parmesan Dip

Bread with Pesto and Parmesan Dip


Panizza was indeed the star of our night and we get to try some of the various flavors C’ Italian Dining offers. You may ask, what’s the difference between a pizza and panizza? Well, a panizza is much thinner, sliced in long strips, and is eaten in a different way.

You get a strip after which you put some arugula and alfalfa sprouts on it. And the most fun part? Rolling it up! You can add red pepper flakes or chili oil too.

Just take note that chili oil from C’ Italian Dining is spicier than the usual chili oil you can find in other pizza places. They intentionally made it that way because the family really loves spicy food.

C' Italian's extra spicy chili oil.

C’ Italian’s extra spicy chili oil.

Some of the panizza flavors we tried:

Angelico (Solo: PHP300, La Familia: PHP560)

Panizza topped with chorizo, salami, bacon and mushroom.

Panizza: Angelico

Panizza: Angelico

Rolls Royce (Solo: PHP360, La Familia: PHP690)

Panizza topped with salami, US scallop flakes and sundried tomatoes.

Panizza: Rolls Royce

Margarita con Fungi (Solo: PHP240, La Familia: PHP450)

Panizza topped with fresh and sundried tomatoes, mushroom and basil leaves.

Panizza: Margarita con Fungi

Panizza: Margarita con Fungi

Karmichael (Solo: PHP240, La Familia: PHP450)

Panizza topped with Italian sausage, black olives, green pepper and onions.

Panizza: Karmichael

Each panizza is served with one bowl of arugula and alfalfa sprouts. From the four panizza that we tried, I like Angelico the most.

Bowl of arugula and alfalfa sprouts.

Linguini Con Fruti de Mare (Solo: PHP310, La Familia: PHP590)

This is their version of seafood marinara. Consisting of light virgin olive oil and pomodoro sauce, they generously topped it with salmon, shrimps and mussels.

Linguini Con Fruti de Mare

Linguini Con Fruti de Mare

Linguini Al Tartufo (Solo: PHP390, La Familia: PHP740)

I usually have bias for seafood and tomato-based pasta. But this Linguini Al Tartufo is served simply yet with that distinct and mild truffle flavor. You can even smell its truffle scent from afar. And yes, I’ll raise my hand for this as the best pasta of the night.

Linguini Al Tartufo

Linguini Al Tartufo

Pasta ala Rey (Solo: PHP210, La Familia: PHP380)

Pasta ala Rey can be your lighter and healthier pasta option, oil-based topped with black olives and tomatoes.

Pasta ala Rey

Pasta ala Rey

Tuscan Roasted Chicken (Half: PHP470, Whole: PHP890)

This roasted chicken is adequately flavorful and it comes with a rice pilaf that can be eaten on its own because of its scrumptious taste.

Tuscan Roasted Chicken

Tuscan Roasted Chicken

US Prime Angus Flank Steak (500G: PHP1,790, 1K: PHP3,490)

This US Prime Angus Flank Steak is amazingly served with rosemary herb, caramelized onion roasted potatoes and baked pumpkin slice. You can have your option on how you want it to be cooked, and I prefer it medium well. This piece of meat is really good as the flavor in each bite is prominent because of its sauce.

US Prime Angus Flank Steak

US Prime Angus Flank Steak

Lemon Cheesecake (PHP230)

Their lemon cheesecake is topped with sweet lemon sauce, almonds and cream. I’m not really a fan of cheesecakes but I appreciate its texture and the combination of its sweet and sour flavor.

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake

Tiramisu (PHP210)

This Italian dessert is definitely a favorite. Blending the goodness of cheese, cream, coffee and cocoa is a sure spoiler!



Crème Brulee (PHP125)

Vanilla cream topped with fine sugar crust. Just another spoiler!

Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee

Italian Soda (PHP100)

It was my first time to try Italian soda and the flavors were really refreshing! I like the pomegranate flavor the most.

Italian Soda

Italian Soda


We definitely owe C’ Italian Dining for the invention of the Panizza (yes, they own the IPR for it). Having to put those sprouts and rolling up your own panizza was definitely a fun experience. I highly recommend C’ Italian Dining for an affordable and romantic date.

With fellow foodies and Zomato peeps!

C’ Italian Dining

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun,11AM-11PM
Address: L’ Ermitage Apartments, 115 L. P. Leviste Corner Toledo Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact No.: (02) 2469069
Website: https://www.facebook.com/c.italian.dining

Disclosure: This particular visit is courtesy of Zomato and C’ Italian Dining. Nevertheless, I wrote this article with my own insights influenced by my personal experience.