Breakout escape room lets you dwell in a make-believe world but with the challenge of getting back to reality. If you love solving puzzles and if you are keen on finding clues, a live escape game room will definitely ignite the inner Sherlock Holmes in you.

What is Breakout Philippines?

Breakout Philippines offers live escape game rooms where a team is challenged to search for clues to solve a case for 45 minutes. Opening a branch in Greenbelt 5 recently, Makati peeps now have an alternative venture to relax themselves from crazy work stuff. After trying out Rebecca’s Room from Mystery Manila, me and my colleagues headed this time to Breakout Philippines to unravel the enigma lurking in Paranoia Room.

About Paranoia Room

The Paranoia Room is the case of an asylum that was shut down after patients had a series of inexplicable deaths. Your team will serve as a group of journalists assigned to investigate the logical reason behind the deaths. After all of you were locked down in the asylum’s ward, your goal is not only to discover the truth but to escape as well.


Paronoia Game Room

Game Mechanics

In Breakout escape room, participants are given 45 minutes to solve the case. With a difficulty level of 3.5/5, maximum of six persons can play Paranoia. Since we were 7, we will not be qualified to enter the leaderboard even if we successfully finish and escape.

To start with, a  gamekeeper will provide a briefing about the DOs and DON’Ts inside the room. All your stuff will be left in the locker as you can’t bring any stuff while playing.

Gamekeeper briefing about the DO's and DON'Ts once inside the room.

Gamekeeper briefing about the DO’s and DON’Ts once inside the room.

Upon entering, a short video will be shown that will give the participants a background of the Breakout escape room to be played. You can ask for clues, for as many times as you like, but please do only in moments of despair so you’ll have excitement solving the puzzles.

After officially starting, no one is allowed to get out. So if you need to go to the restroom, do it ahead of time as the game will last for 45 minutes.

Tips in Escaping the Paranoia Room

The first and probably most important thing – DON’T OVERTHINK. In our experience, it was also very crucial to find or solve the first clue. When we failed Rebecca’s Room in Mystery Manila before, we thought it was because we didn’t really properly started, that is, we didn’t get the first clue right. Though we were able to solve some puzzles in the middle – everything was a ramble then.

Plan. Solve. Escape.

Plan. Solve. Escape.

If things don’t seem to make sense anymore, please ask for clues to avoid wasting time. You don’t know how many puzzles you need to work on to solve the mystery.  One clue leads to another.

Be very observant. Whatever you see inside, don’t worry too much – Breakout Philippines has NO TOUCH policy. So if you feel something or anything made creepy contact with you…maybe it’s your teammate, LOL.

Living Legend Leaderboard

Solve the mystery of Paranoia Room as fast as you can to be listed in the Living Legend Leaderboard. In case you failed, your team can try again but you will no longer be qualified to enter the leaderboard. Successfully finishing the game also gives you some discount perks on your next Breakout escape room.

Photo-op Wall

Photo-op Wall

No Room for Spoilers!

Whether your group is able to triumphantly flee Breakout escape room, don’t give spoilers so that your friends can also enjoy the challenge of the game. Don’t dare to ask for spoilers as well because solving the puzzles will be a lot more fun that way. Also, Breakout Philippines constantly change the clues and combinations of the locks.

Shame Boards

Shame Boards, HAHA

Breakout Escape Room Themes

There are four game rooms in Breakout Philippines, Makati as follows:

  • Paranoia
  • Accidental Agent
  • Corpse Bride
  • The Island
Breakout Escape Room Themes

Breakout Escape Room Themes

Other branches also have different Breakout escape room themes. Visit their site to know more of their other game rooms.

Did We Escape the Paranoia Room?

A big YEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Not only did we successfully escaped the Paranoia Room, we definitely had so much fun. We are looking forward to try the other Breakout escape rooms. I personally wanted to check out the Corpse Bride next.

We planned. We solved. We escaped. Yaaaay!!!! 🙂

Now, will you be brave enough to enter Paranoia’s Room?


Friday – Sunday and Holiday Rates

  • PHP600(per person) – 1-2 Players
  • PHP500 (per person)- 3-4 Players
  • PHP400(per person) – 5-6 Players

Monday – Thurday Rates

  • PHP300 (per person)- 1-6 Players

Breakout Philippines’ Branches

  • Serendra BGC
  • SM North Edsa
  • Greenbelt 5
  • Paragon Plaza Building
  • Katipunan

Breakout Philippines

Address: Third Floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati City, Metro Manila 1228, Philippines
Contact Nos.: (02) 0927-2571602, 0928-821453
E-mail Address: