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Barkin Blends and Acrylic Landscape Painting - Travel Habeat Barkin Blends and Acrylic Landscape Painting - Travel Habeat

Since I’m starting to indulge into arts so much recently, I’ve thought of writing about my Acrylic Landscape Painting lesson at Barkin Blends. If you are a fellow art enthusiast, read on.

Barkin Blends is one of the few specialty coffee houses in Manila, a crowd favorite dog café. Surprisingly, they held art classes which was the reason I was able to visit them. There had been a lot of art lessons being offered around the metro recently like watercolor painting, drawing, and calligraphy. Many art enthusiasts had been able to share their passion and more so, turn into business what was once just a hobby or passion project.

Barkin Bends Dog Café

Barkin Bends Dog Café

When I attended Barkin Blends Acrylic Landscape Painting lesson, it was my first ever art class. One of the most common questions I got from my friends was, “Can you do it without artistic skills? Was it easy?” Painting, like any other skills, can be acquired and improved through practice. But with zero background as well, I understand the initial worry of those people just starting with arts.

Barkin Blends and Acrylic Landscape Painting

I must admit, I did not know what to expect when I went in the class with my friend, Melanee. I was nervous when I first held that brush especially after finding out during our self introduction that our fellow participants all had artistic backgrounds like painting and drawing and some were even art major students. Our teacher himself was a fine arts graduate. It just sounded like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, LOL.

With art teacher and Melanee 🙂

Our Classroom

There was a small, separate room in the café where our class was held. It can comfortably accommodate 10 students. I like the intimate and simple artsy vibe of the room with cute dog paintings hanging in the wall. We were seated in a long table where our teacher was situated at one end with his own canvas for his demonstration. The setup was perfect – everybody can see what he was doing and he can easily go around to check our work and assist us as needed.

Acrylic Landscape Painting class.

Acrylic Landscape Painting class.

Materials and Fee

We paid PHP600 for the four-hour lesson inclusive of materials and snacks. We got a canvas for ourselves which we took home afterwards. The rest of the materials – paint, palette, brushes, and artist apron were just borrowed from Barkin Blends. It was really an amazing deal because usually art lessons like painting would cost you around PHP2000.

The Acrylic Landscape Painting Lesson

Our teacher was highly commendable. I like his way of teaching that really suited beginners like me. He taught us in details. Part by part he would discuss the techniques to be used (e.g. how to paint the clouds) after which he will demonstrate to us in his own canvas how to do it.

Painting clouds.

Painting clouds.

Painting trees.

Painting trees.

He will then instruct us to apply it in our own canvas and he will give us ample time to do it. We were all painting the same thing at the same time. I can’t just emphasize enough how I love his method of teaching.

Teacher doing his painting demo.

Teacher doing his painting demo.

Lately, I’ve been following pages of art lesson providers where I’m seeing videos on how they conduct their classes. Some were good enough while I feel a little off for others. Off because I see that it was not easy to follow that you would rather watch a tutorial video online. This was also the reason I wrote my art lesson experience at Barkin Blends.


Barkin Blends already stopped holding their painting lessons, I don’t know why. Fortunately, I was able to attend one. Their way of conducting classes has then been my baseline for checking out art classes. This was also why I can say with confidence that learning to paint is easy.

The Atmosphere

Barkin Blends has a small café area that can only accommodate around 15-20 guests. Maybe it is ok since most people visit for their dog zone that was located on a separate room. You cannot peek into the dog zone without buying a ticket so I was not able to check it out.

Barkin Blends atmosphere.

Barkin Blends atmosphere.

On the Table

While waiting for our class to start, I tried their hot Caffé Mocha and Skyeghetti n’ Meatballs. I’d say I missed the mocha in their Caff Mocha.

Caffé Mocha (PHP124)

Caffé Mocha – PHP124

The spaghetti meatballs I ordered was so-so but for its price, I think it was a good deal.

Skyeghetti n' Meatballs (PHP146)

Skyeghetti n’ Meatballs – PHP146

During our class, we were served with a milk tea and sandwich. I had the dark choco flavor which I like. I’d recommend more their milk tea than the coffee I had. The simple sandwich they served was also good.


Barkin Blends is a specialty dog café in Quezon City. I visited them for their painting lesson so I can’t say anything about the dog zone which was separated from the café itself. Ambience and food were not so great compared to other know coffee shops but I think people go here for the dog zone experience. But the painting class? It was really amazing! Unfortunately, they already stopped offering it. I hope one day they will have it again.

Barkin Blends Dog Café

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun (Except Tues) | 12NN – 9PM
Address: Second Floor, J&R Concon Center, Justo 91 Rosa Alvero St., Loyola heights, Quezon City
Contact No.: (02) 5337290
Website: http://barkinblends.com/