A three-hour drive from Manila, Anilao in Batangas as you might have already heard is a favorite destination for weekend diving trips. And for an affordable yet worthy dive spot, Balai sa Anilao Resort is no doubt one of your good options.

I was able to visit Balai sa Anilao during an introductory dive I joined several years ago. We just went for a day trip and I would say, the humble place is capable of providing you of your much needed vitamin sea.

Balai sa Anilao rocky shore.

Balai sa Anilao rocky shore.

Balai sa Anilao Resort Atmosphere

Balai sa Anilao Resort is situated atop a rocky slope. Its modest interiors made mainly of wood reminded me of the simple rural life. In as much as you want to visit fancy resorts from time to time, unostentatious places like Balai sa Anilao Resort would made you appreciate no-frills atmosphere where you can just breathe without pretentions and complications. The smell of the sea and the calm view of the waters – these are the only things that matter.

Balai sa Anilao no-frills atmosphere

Balai sa Anilao no-frills atmosphere 🙂

Dive Spot + Sunset 

Our group spent the entire day at the open waters. A rocky shore initially confronted us. As we started diving, it was nice to see the cold waters to be clean. The good thing about Balai sa Anilao Resort was that we didn’t need a boat to go to the dive spot. There were few rock formations and limited but beautiful sea creatures that we saw.

Photo by our dive master, Nur.

Maybe there was a better location for a much diverse underwater life but since there were quite a lot of dive participants in the group, we don’t have the luxury of time to explore much.

My first ever dive!!!

My first ever dive!!! 🙂

And did I mention about a fantastic sunset?

Relaxing Batangas sunset.

Relaxing Batangas sunset.

On the Table

The day trip package we availed included buffet lunch. I like how they included a mix of vegetable, sea food and meat dishes in their menu.

Buffet lunch.

And I kid you not, they do not only serve generously, all the food they prepared for us were so good. It was like feasting on home-cooked dishes. Of course, my favorite Batangas coffee was there with an unlimited supply!

Also, it was really cool that the dining area leads to a terrace with a relaxing view of the sea.

Awesome terrace view.

Awesome terrace view.

Diving Gears

If you don’t have diving gears, you can rent at the place. I think they have complete equipment from dive tanks to fins and suits (though it would still be better to bring your own).

Diving gears for rent.

Diving gears for rent.


For my first diving experience, that is, an introductory dive, Balai sa Anilao Resort did not disappoint. The warm people, the chill vibe, and the food were really commendable and unforgettable. I would say the dive spot we explored was good for an introductory one or those starting out in diving especially because a boat was not needed.

As I mentioned, maybe there was a better location in the area for a much diverse underwater life but that we didn’t had time to discover because there were plenty of us dive students that needed to be taught of. I saw several other (advanced) divers so I think there were more to explore out there

Balai sa Anilao Resort

Address: San Teodoro Mabini Batangas
Contact Nos.: (02) 240-2927 / 234-5291
E-mail: balairesort@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.balai-resort.com/