Have you been to a beautiful mangrove forest? If not yet, Aklan’s Bakhawan Ecopark is waiting for you. As it protects locals from strong typhoons, it surely gives a nature’s retreat to anyone visiting the place.

About Bakhawan Ecopark

Bakwahan means mangrove. The Kalibo Save the Mangroves Association or KASAMA, a people’s organization, manages Bakhawan Ecopark through the Community Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA) #3251 granted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Bakwahan - Mangrove

Bakwahan – Mangrove

Bakhawan Ecopark is a 220-hectare mangrove forest that started from a reforestation project in 1990.  The combined efforts of the local government and some private organizations transformed a muddy shoreline into a reforestation project that protected the surrounding community from flood and storm surges during heavy typhoons.

Today, Bakhawan Ecopark is hailed as one of the most successful reforestation projects, if not the best, in the entire country.

Stroll along Bakhawan Ecopark’s Bamboo Trail

They say Bakhawan Ecopark is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Kalibo, Aklan. Who will not delight in the two-kilometer bamboo trail in the midst of a verdant mangrove forest? Just visit early in the morning or in the afternoon to avoid the harsh sunlight.

Bakhawan Ecopark’s Bamboo Trail

Bakhawan Ecopark’s Bamboo Trail

At the end of the trail is a refreshing view of the sea.

Eat Fresh Tamilok

Aside from a scenic walk, unleash your inner foodie by eating fresh tamilok available in the ecopark. Tamilok or woodworm is an exotic Filipino delicacy common in the islands of Palawan and Aklan. As its name implies, tamilok is a worm harvested or extracted from wood. You can get it from the trunk or branch of trees in swampy areas.

Tamilok or woodworm

Tamilok or woodworm

How to eat tamilok? Just carefully pull it from the wood and make sure to remove the brownish or blackish part. You can wash it in water if you want. Pour some vinegar and enjoy!

Yum! 🙂

Discover Wildlife

While walking, look around as you might find not only variety of plants but some exotic species of birds, insects, and other wildlife as well.

How to Go to Bakhawan Ecopark

By Tricycle

Go to New Buswang Terminal located near the public market and RC supermarket. Ride a dark blue tricyle bound to New Buswang. Tell the driver to take you to Bakhawan Ecopark. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes. Minimum fare is PHP10.

By Rented Van

Van for hire is available at the airport. When passing through New Buswang, follow the road right at the T-junction and you will see Bakhawan Ecopark on your left.

Bakhawan Ecopark

Location: New Buswang, Kalibo Aklan
Contact Nos.: (036) 262-8862, (036) 262-0630
E-mail: kasama.inc17@gmail.com
Website: www.bakhawanmangroveforest.com

October 21, 2018