Undoubtedly, Rock Bar of Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali is one the most fabulous bars you can ever visit in Bali (Really. No exaggeration!). 

When I travel, the places I usually visit are temples, churches, museums and historical places. I love architecture, art and history. Aside from these, beach and nature are among other favorites. And yes, I seldom go to bars. When I first heard of the Rock Bar in Ayana Resort in Bali, I was just so intrigued about it.

Rock Bar is literally on the rocks, sitting beautifully on acliff making it one of the best places to catch a sunset in Bali. Several separate sections form the bar blending in the natural rock formation of the place. No matter which spot you choose, the distant horizon with the vast ocean will be your view.

Ayana Resort and Spa

We arrived almost sunset time at Ayana Resort. We were just in awe with the modern and lavish ambiance of the place. Everyone is just merry and is really having a good time. I was actually tempted to jump in one of their pools. The area is so big you’ll find restaurant on side, pool on another spot and still there is just that empty space with some elegant seats facing the sea where torches give light as dusk unveils. Musicians serenade you as you sit back and relax. If given the chance, I would definitely want to try to stay even for a night in Ayana. I’m a budget and a practical traveler but a place like Ayana is definitely inviting to enjoy some sort of luxury once in a while.

Cable Car Ride Going to the Rock Bar

As we marveled with the beauty of the place, we looked for our way to the Rock Bar. There are signs that led us and we didn’t have a hard time finding it. We immediately saw the long queue for the cable car going to the bar. It can take you more than 30 minutes (even hours) to have your turn with the cable car. What adds to the long hours of waiting is the VIP access of Ayana’s in-house guests as they are given priority to ride the cable car.

Stairs Going to the Rock Bar

As dusk is slowly taking over the place, the line for the cable car is also getting longer. Suddenly, a member of the staff called our attention and led us to another way going to the Rock Bar. We were brought to the other side from where we lined up. What we found are concrete steps that also lead to the Rock Bar. After a ten-minute walk, we finally reached it. We just wish we were given this option much earlier as we’ve got no problem in walking.

The Rock Bar

The sun is already gone when we arrived at the bar because of waiting to get to the cable car. The entire bar can accommodate a little more than 50 people. Guests can choose to stay near the cliff or in a terrace. There are also some seats that are very near the waters. If you chose this spot, just be prepared to get wet as the waves can really slam this area.  There is also a more elevated space where the main bar is located. The other bar counter is located along the terrace. Across the bar is a gigantic rock where the DJ is playing good music (what a cool idea).

As you might expect, drinks are really expensive at the Rock Bar.  A glass of Bintang (a local Indonesian beer) costs almost three times more than its regular price. Though we were not able to try, we heard their signature cocktail drinks are good.

Rock Bar is intimate and fabulous at night. You can very much hear the crashing of the waves and feel the cool breeze. At an earlier time, you may enjoy more of the sea but be prepared to soak yourself in the sun’s heat.

Overall, I am very much fascinated with how the Rock Bar combined a very modern and cozy hangout place with nature. The rock formations and the view of the sea with the distant horizon are simply amazing (with a bonus of a lovely sunset!).

Tips to Consider:

– If you want to catch the sunset, be there at an earlier time because lining up to the cable car can take so much time. In-house guests of Ayana Resort are also given priority to ride the cable car. Sunset is actually the busiest time at the bar.

– There is an alternative way to get to the bar, through concrete steps. You will reach the bar after around 10 minutes of walking. Enjoy the view while walking along the cliff.

– The Rock Bar has a limited seating capacity. With tons of guests eager to visit to it, the bar really gets full at times.

– Be sure to follow their dress code.Singlets, board shorts and alcohol-branded attire are not allowed. Backpacks or oversized bags are also prohibited for security reasons.

Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa
Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs: 4PM-1AM, Fri-Sun: 4PM-2AM
Address:Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia
Contact No.:+62 361 702222