Apo Island Adventure: A Day to Remember

We went to Apo Island on the third day of our Siquijor-Dumaguete trip. From Siquijor, we took a ferry boat ride going to Dumaguete for around 40 minutes. 

Boat Ride Going to Apo Island

From Hotel Palwa, we went to Malatapay Terminal and Information Center (Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental) where boat ride going to Apo Island is being offered. It only took us 30 minutes to reach the terminal with our service van.

Boat rental fees are as follows:

2000 for 4 pax

3000 for 8 pax

We waited for about 30 minutes for boats to arrive. Boats are really small specially the ones with four-pax capacity. The space is just enough for passengers to sit in. As such, you’d get really wet during the ride. You should secure your things in the boat’s designated compartment area for it not to get wet or put it in a waterproof bag. Their life vests looked a little worn out that you’d feel less secured wearing it.

Arrival at Apo Island

Travel time to Apo Island from Zamboanguita is around an hour. As we get off our boat, we were welcomed by locals selling souvenir items. We were led to the registration office where we enlisted our names and paid for an admission fee of PHP 100. Kid’s admission fee is only PHP 10.


Near the registration office are few wooden cottages and we rented one for PHP 200. The cottage is big and is good for 10-15 people. Next to our cottage are nipa huts where souvenir items are being sold.


For our main activity, we went snorkeling. We then rented snorkeling gears, aqua shoes and life vest for PHP 100 each. As we headed our way to the sea, we were offered by some locals to get a guide. Our group decided to get two and we paid PHP 300 each. Aquatic plants are scattered all over even near the shore that is why it’s a good idea to wear aqua shoes.

Our guide led us as we plunged into the sea. Unlike the very still waters of Coron, Apo Island’s water is a little rough and small waves would bump into you every now and then.

I didn’t saw much variety of fish in the spot where we swam. But there were so many corals, in different lovely formation. I particularly like the huge table corals. And the most interesting thing we sighted? A number of humongous sea turtles! The sea turtles were carelessly swimming even quite near the shore and you can get really close to them. Our guides just advised us not to touch them.

A Climb to the Lighthouse

After more than an hour of our fun-filled snorkeling activity, we decided to climb the island’s lighthouse. The path going up is narrow and not entirely made of concrete steps. When we reached the top of the mountain, we saw few wooden houses and some animals like goats and chickens. After just a few minutes, we came across a group of people on their way to get some woods. There was really nothing much on the top except for a nice view.

A few steps from the lighthouse is a watch tower. You can climb the tower but it’s worn out and the ladder going up is rusty already.