Ace Water Spa offers Hydrotheraphy Spa in Manila with the use of ultrasonic jet system that massages the body in heated water.

Two years ago, we first visited Ace Water Spa in Del Monte Avenue in Quezon City during a local holiday in Pasig. With the same holiday today giving us a day off, we once again went to Ace Water Spa but this time around in their Pasig branch.

Massage Systems

Ace Water Spa has more than 10 massage systems that provide soft, moderate, or hard massage. Each massage facility can be operated by push buttons. Every massage area is properly labelled where the name of the massage, classification (e. g. soft), part of the body that will be targeted, how you will position yourself, and health benefits are all indicated.

Just push the massage button and you will feel the aquatic jets working on specific areas of your body to relax and comfort your aching muscles. The massage automatically stops after a certain period of time, usually two to three minutes as indicated in the label. You can repeat a particular massage as long as you like and as long as your body can take it.

Hot Herbal Pools

Aside from the spa area with different massage facilities, I really like their hot herbal pools.  Their herbal pools have different temperature and scent including mint pool (36 degrees Celsius), jasmine pool (38 degrees Celsius), and lavender pool (40 degrees Celsius).

Hot Herbal Pools: Mint, Jasmine, and Lavander Pools

Hot Herbal Pools: Mint, Jasmine, and Lavander Pools

Hot herbal pools have a bonus back massage facility – just push the corresponding button as in the spa area. While we plunged ourselves in the hot waters with our head resting in a cold pillow (long metal bar), the addition of back massage (1-2 minutes) was really fantastic.

Steam and Sauna and Lapping Pool

Steam and sauna, lapping, and cold pool are also provided. The cold pool is overly cold and is intended to be used to cool yourself down after soaking in the hot herbal pool. Lapping pool is about 25 meters and is 4.3 feet deep.

Lapping Pool

25-meter Lapping Pool

Dressing and Shower Rooms with Locker Provision

Ace Water Spa provides dressing and shower rooms with lockers. Upon entering the dressing room, an attendant will give you a key (that comes with a bracelet so you can wear it) and will ask to leave your slippers or shoes. They provide rubber slippers which can only be used in the dressing room.

Lapping Pool

Lapping Pool

Dressing and shower rooms (for both branches) are very clean and provide almost everything you need – toiletries, hair dryer, and even plastic bags for wet clothes. You just need to bring your own towel (you can rent if you fail to bring one).

Insider Tips

  • Entering the spa area, you will be given a swim cap. Aside from proper swimming attire, wearing of swim cap is strictly required.
  • For ladies, it’s better to wear one-piece swimsuit because the water pressure will push your swim top off.
  • Use of camera is strictly prohibited in the dressing and spa areas giving a great sort of privacy to guests.
  • Eating and drinking inside the spa area are strictly not allowed.
  • After using the hot herbal pools, it is recommended to dip in the cold pool to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level.
  • Prolonged exposure to the aqua massage jets might cause muscle soreness and extreme fatigue that is why Ace Water Spa is setting a maximum of 4 hours per visit.

Ace Water Spa, Pasig City Branch


My favorites among the massage facilities are bubble bed (soft), rainfall acupuncture (moderate), jet chair with foot massage (moderate), and multi-point massage (hard). I can’t stay very long for some of the hard massage equipment because the pressure is too much for me.

Rainfall Acupuncture

Rainfall Acupuncture

For the hot herbal pools, I like Jasmine pool the most because its temperature is hot enough for me – soothing and therapeutic. I also like its jasmine scent.

Regular visit to Ace Water Spa is definitely a high recommendation for me with the health benefits it can provide. The spa and pools are really good to give our bodies that soothing and therapeutic treat we need once in a while.

Ace Water Spa

Operating Hours: Sun-Thurs, 6AM-10PM | Fri-Sat, 6AM-11PM
Admission Fee: PHP550 (4 hours) | PHP250 for kids (4 ft. & below)

Quezon City Branch
Address: 399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City
Contact Nos.: (632) 367-8040 to 41 / 367-8061 to 62

Pasig City Branch
Address: United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City
Contact Nos.: (632) 451-1111 / 582-5754 / (632) 330-7776 / 404-9995

Photo Credit: All photos were obtained from Ace Water Spa gallery.