The Wright Park: Just Another Baguio Photo-op

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Crossing from the equally famous The Mansion is The Wright Park. Having only a few minutes spent on The Mansion, we too did not stayed long in the place. And yes, it was also just another Baguio photo-op for us at The Wright Park.

“You can’t park there because you will be blocking the way.”, a security guard told our tour guide when he saw our service van stopped at one side of The Wright Park. After politely promising him that we won’t stay long and carefully positioning our vehicle so as not to be an obstacle to other tourists, the security guard finally let our service van parked at the side.


We then hurriedly made quick snaps at the so-called Pool of Pines just near the park entrance. The Pool of Pines is a long, rectangular pool surrounded by beautiful flowers. The entire park, on the other hand, is decorated by tall pine trees. Just like The Mansion, this area really do make for a good photo-op venue.


If you have much time to spare, go for a leisure walk at The Wright Park. The refreshing sight of nature and the cold weather is a perfect combination that can surely calm your senses. If you’re traveling with family, there’s a portion at The Wright Park where ponies can be rented for a ride. Riding the ponies is especially popular among the kids.


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