Ulam: Old Seafood Resto in Bali

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Ulam has been around since 1986 specializing on seafood dishes and also serving Balinese food.

From Ayodya Resort where we stayed, we just walked our way to Ulam restaurant which took us around 10 minutes. The place is spacious for 50 people on the first floor (they also have second level). Its native setting can be seen in its wooden interiors with bamboo and rattan for some of its adornment and furniture.

We also noticed large wooden frames hanging on the wall showcasing the delicacies Ulam proudly offers. Aside from the wooden frames, we were amused with the collection of old photographs of people who visited the place that are also put into display.

For our last lunch in Bali, we ordered their famous seafood basket (IDR 189,975). It’s a grilled seafood combination consisting of fish, squid, lobster, prawn and crab. It also comes with one cup of rice. The serving of seafood basket is pretty good for 2 persons already. We just ordered another cup of rice (IDR 6,500). Soda in can costs IDR 12,500.

The seafood was freshly picked and was grilled well. Definitely a fan of seafood, we simply adore the combination they put in the basket, our most favorite ones. We enjoyed it even more with the really spicy chili oil condiment they have.

The generous serving left us really full. Price is very much reasonable. Just prepare your hands to get dirty!!! At the entrance, you can peek in to their grilling area.

The staff of Ulamrestaurant is very friendly. They actually offer free shuttle service to hotel for guests staying in Nusa Dua area.

Operating Hours and Other Info
Operating Hours: Daily, 10AM-10PM
Address: Jl. PantaiMengiat No. 14, Nusa Dua, Bali
Contact No.:+62 361 771590

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