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Last August 10, Tripkada, a mobile app where travelers can join group tours, was officially launched at Boteco and BBZ Bar and Restaurant by a local travel startup, FlipTrip.


Tripkada Launch

Since they started in December 2015, FlipTrip has been organizing fun meetups where enthusiasts gather and celebrate the love for travel. The 6th travel meetup was extra special for FlipTrip and the rest of the travel community as Tripkada was launched amidst crazy games and wonderful socials.


I was fortunate enough to be invited in Tripkada’s launch. The night started with a booze from Miller Genuine Draft and some pica-pica food from Boteco Brasil.


There were a number of fun activities that everyone enjoyed.


There were also trivia and travel related games that tested the wanderlust in us.

tripkada9 tripkada12

Team FlipTrip hosted the event with so much energy and made everyone feel very welcomed even for first-timers like me.


Aside from meeting new and familiar faces in the blogging community, we were able to take home amazing prizes from the event’s generous sponsors.

tripkada13 tripkada17tripkada16

About Tripkada

As mentioned earlier, Tripkada is a mobile app that can be downloaded in Google Play (iOS version coming soon). Basically, Tripkada enables travelers to explore a destination without the need of booking an entire tour package.


Yes, anyone can join a trip where you will only have to book for your slot. Aside from more opportunity to wander, travelers can save more money and meet like-minded individuals when booking trips with Tripkada.


April Cuenca, FlipTrip CEO, expressed her excitement with Tripkada’s launch and asked the community to give feedbacks with the app still on beta release.


How to Use Tripkada

Booking a trip via Tripkada is just a piece of cake! See steps below:

Step 1: Download app in Google Play.

Step 2: Login and browse through destinations.

Step 3: Upon selecting your trip, pay the downpayment (around PHP500 – PHP800). There’s a variety of payment options, choose the one convenient for you.

Step 4: Wait for confirmation and reminders.




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