Maquinit Hot Spring: Coron’s Enchanted Spa

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Around thirty minutes away from the town proper, Maquinit Hot Spring is claimed as the only hot spring in the Philippines with saltwater. Surrounded by mangrove trees and with a serene view of the sea, Maquinit gives that enchanted vibe while you’re taking a rejuvenating spa.


Therapeutic Dip

After a tiring yet fun hike at Mt. Tapyas, our group went straight to Maquinit Hot Spring. People, especially tourists, usually go to Maquinit Hot Spring after climbing Mt. Tapyas. Maybe some would find it a bit strange to have a dip in an extremely hot water when you already soaked yourself in sweat in a scorching mountain climb.


Some members from our group who are from the colder parts of the world find it odd to immense themselves in the hot spring of Maquinit because of the already humid weather. But after trying it out, they all surprisingly liked it. Personally, I find Maquinit hot spring therapeutic. Coming from a hike, it especially comforted my tired legs.


Enchanted Vibe

Nature lovers would really love Maquinit’s enchanted vibe – massive trees surrounding the area, sight of the ocean and a view of the mountains. Add the wooden bridge and the sun slowly setting – you’ll just be simply captivated.

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Pools with 45-Degree-Celsius Temperature

With one huge pool and a number of mini pools, Maquinit’s water temperature is extremely hot at 45 degrees Celsius. Its water actually comes from a volcano.


If you’re not used to soaking in hot springs, you might find the water awkwardly warm. To get a good feel of it, dip some parts of your body first like your feet. After a few minutes, you’ll get more comfortable with it. As you get yourself used to the temperature, try to dip other parts of your body.


It is advised to get off of the water every now and then and not to continuously stay immersed in the water for a very long time.

Traveler’s Tips

  • There are few wooden cottages where you can place your things.
  • There is no shower available. But there is a dressing room near the entrance where you can change clothing.
  • You can rent a tricycle going to Maquinit for around PHP300 (~6USD) – PHP400 (~8USD).


Admission Fee

Adults: PHP200 (~4USD)
Children (5-10 years old): PHP100 (~2USD)
Children below 5 years old: FREE

Maquinit Hot Spring
Address: Sitio Maquinit, Barangay Tagumpay, Coron, Palawan, Coron, Palawan
Opening Hours: 8AM – 10PM (Cut-off time: 8PM)

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