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Food trip? Maginhawa street at Teacher’s Village, Quezon City is one of the right avenues to drive into being loved by many people for its appetizing offerings. Move a little further, you’ll find a neighboring gourmet hub, a food compound at Malingap street. 

The mini food court at Malingap will give you a number of gastronomical treats to choose from. Thai or Japanese?Shawarma or burger?Pastry or pizza?Barbecue or bagnet? With these delicious-sounding options served at very affordable prices, you don’t have to really select. Try them all!

Ending the week, we found ourselves spending our precious Friday night entering the gates of Malingap food compound, a few steps away from Donday and Pino restaurants. There were a lot of young people merrily having dinner when we arrived. The place is not that big and it’s like a typical family compound in the Philippines where a gathering is being held with tables and chairs arranged.

After roaming around to see what we are going to have, we opted to try the following: Meshwe, Me Love You Long Time, Bagneto and Burger Hub. We took a seat in front of Bagneto. We gave our orders at the different stalls one after the other. Then they looked for our table and served our food.


Meshwe claims to serve authentic Lebanese shawarma. They say it’s one of the most popular in the compound. Probably true because when we ordered, it was 15th on the list and there was like another 10 people waiting in line after us.

Their bestseller is Chicken Shawarma (PHP85). I’m happy we did not miss it! Wrapped in yummy pita bread are chunks of chicken, fries and pickles in garlic sauce. I would definitely want to try other items on their Middle Eastern menu.

Operating Hours: Tues-Sat, 3PM-10PM
Contact No.: (+63) 9276638764

Me Love You Long Time

Serving Asian dishes including Thai and Vietnamese food is Me Love You Long Time. They have the famous Thai stir-fried noodle, Pad Thai (PHP99). MLYLT’s very own Pad Thai is made up of savory noodles stir-fried with eggs, tofu, bean sprouts, red chili pepper and other veggies in a combination of sour and spicy sauce. Just make the noodles a little firmer and everything else is two thumbs up for us! And did I mention about their Thai Iced Tea (PHP49) that is creamy and sweet? It just nicely complements the spicy Pad Thai we had.

Me Love You Long Time
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 5PM-11:30PM


As its name implies, Bagneto offers the favorite dish from the Ilocos region – bagnet (crispy pork belly). Their Bagnet meal (PHP109) already comes with one cup of rice. Filipinos just love deep fried crispy pork and Bagneto did not fail us. Don’t forget to soak it with that locally made vinegar with tomatoes! Some visitors get really amused with their very cute logo.

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 5PM-12MN
Contact No.: (+63) 9178924738

Burger Hub

Burger Hub boasts of its burgers and sausages. We tried one of their bestsellers, Juicy J’s Angus Burger (PHP150). I simply like its smokey and cheesy flavor. We just hope the beef patty was less saltier than it actually did. I’m looking forward to try their smoothie, they have quite a lot of choices.

Burger Hub
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 12NN-10PM

Malingap Compound/The Zone
33A Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

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