Beijing BBQ and Steamboat Buffet at Kampung Nelayan, Kota Kinabalu

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Our group wanted to have a sea food buffet during one of our nights in Kota Kinabalu. After having our night city tour, we went to Kampung Nelayan for a sea food dinner as suggested by our tour guide. 

As we enter the place, we were greeted by a huge dining area with big aquariums on one side. Without anyone assisting us, we continued to walk until we reach a smaller eating hall. Later I found out that it is what they call the open-air Beijing BBQ and Steamboat Buffet. It is actually an extension of the main restaurant that is KampungNelayan.

The buffet table serves around ten already cooked meals including fish, vegetables and chicken dishes. They also have noodles (noodles are almost always served in KK). Since we were all hungry, we grabbed a spoonful of these cooked dishes after which we got ourselves busy cooking our steamboat and BBQ.

Steamboat, also commonly known as Hot Pot, is quite popular in Asia. Together with our simmering metal pot of broth, we pour in our sea food and vegetable ingredients among others. They have fresh prawns, crab and fish. You can also add some sea food balls like fish ball.

The buffet is called BBQ and Steamboat because surrounding the metal pot is a BBQ tray where you can put your choice of meat like chicken, beef and lamb (there is no pork as you might expect). Be sure to put in the right amount of broth in the pot so it won’t spill over the BBQ tray.

Overall, Beijing BBQ and Steamboat buffet offers a decent selection of meat, sea food and cooked dishes. There is nothing extravagant or special but it’s a good eat after a day tour. I forgot to mention, they also have fruits for dessert! They also serve a house tea. You can buy other drinks that are not part of the buffet like soda but it’s a bit more expensive.

We definitely enjoyed cooking our steamboat and BBQ (though we sometimes got our broth spilling over the BBQ tray and we burned some of our meat, haha).

The buffet we had is RM35 excluding service charge. Service charge is RM44 which we divided among the 8 members of our group. We paid a total of RM40.5/head (around PHP517).

Beijing Open-air BBQ and Steamboat Buffet at KampungNelayan

Operating Hours: 6.30PM-11PM
Address: Taman TunFuad, Bukit Padang, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Contact Nos.:088-231003, 088-231005

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