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Cagayan Island Hopping: Exploring the Unspoiled Beauty of the North


Surely, you already heard about the stunning beaches of Boracay and Palawan. But did you know that somewhere far north lies captivating islands less the crowd? Still under the tourist radar, we discovered some castaway destinations during our Cagayan island hopping. It had been a rainy weather throughout our Lakbay Norte trip. Our group even […]

April 15, 2017 / By / Post a Comment

5 Beautiful Brick Churches You Must Visit in Cagayan


With Catholicism as the center of Filipino faith, the Philippines shelters historical churches in almost every region, many of which were built several decades ago. Sitting at the far north between the Cordilleras and the Sierra Mountain ranges, Cagayan is a quiet piece of land that will charm you of its unspoiled splendor. And as […]

March 19, 2017 / By / Post a Comment

Minalungao National Park: Nueva Ecija’s Hidden Travel Gem


Popularly known as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines”, Nueva Ecija is the biggest rice producer of Central Luzon. But aside from its vast rice fields, the province conceals a travel gem that people recently has been ravaging about –  Minalungao National Park.

March 8, 2017 / By / 2 Comments

Maquinit Hot Spring: Coron’s Enchanted Spa


Around thirty minutes away from the town proper, Maquinit Hot Spring is claimed as the only hot spring in the Philippines with saltwater. Surrounded by mangrove trees and with a serene view of the sea, Maquinit gives that enchanted vibe while you’re taking a rejuvenating spa. Therapeutic Dip After a tiring yet fun hike at […]

November 9, 2016 / By / Post a Comment

Mt. Tapyas Hike: A Peek to Coron’s Beauty


“You’ll get a beautiful, panoramic view of Coron”, these are the words they’d tell you in attempt to convince you to climb Mt. Tapyas. With more than 700 steps to reach the summit, Mt. Tapyas is the second highest mountain in Coron town.

November 1, 2016 / By / Post a Comment

Paradizoo Visit: A Complete Farm Experience


The green scenery that welcomed our group is calming and refreshing. I can hardly remember the last time I visited a farm – probably more than a decade ago already. Just imagine how excited I was when we finally arrived at Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite.

August 28, 2016 / By / 14 Comments

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