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If you are from the south and you need a safe biking place, Filinvest Alabang is the perfect place for you. 

Know Inside Out

From Filinvest Mall, you can walk around 15 minutes to the bicycle rental area heading towards Parkway St.  There are different bikes available suitable for all ages. As such, it can be a good bonding activity for the entire family. You can also enjoy it with your friends.The area has marked boundaries making it really safe even for children.

Insider Tips

  • Once you get tired biking, there are a lot of restaurants near the biking area where you can treat yourself with. Also, Filinvest Mall is just a walking distance.
  • You can bring your own bike and save for that rental fee.
  • There is no parking near the bicycle area itself, you can park at Filinvest Mall and walk.
  • You can choose which bike to take, just check the one you select (e.g. sometimes the chain will suddenly get loose).
  • Minimum one hour is required for the bicycle rental.
  • Racing and exhibition of rented bicycle is strictly prohibited.
  • You are the one responsible for any accidents that may happen so take the necessary safety precautions.
  • You can change from one type of bike to another.

Time to Go

Monday – Sunday, 6AM – 8PM

Money to Burn

PHP80 / PHP100 (Depending on the type of bike.)

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