Azalea Residences: A Home Away from Home

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With the cold weather, tall pine trees and the familiar long and winding road, nostalgia suddenly struck me. It was more than a decade since I last set foot in Baguio. With the scorching Manila summer heat reaching as hot as 37 degrees Celsius, fleeing to the City of Pines is a total retreat for me.


Since the last few years, I always look forward to going to Baguio because of its flower festival, popularly known as Panagbenga festival, celebrated during the month of February. But I never did (face palm)! Aside from this season, the best time to go to Baguio is during summer. Fortunately, I was able to explore the place once again with a group of blogger friends.


I almost can no longer recall in much detail what Baguio was like since I last visited it. Every now and then I’m seeing friends share their recent vacation in it. Getting enticed with all the photos I’m seeing online, I knew a lot had changed already. One of the things that sparked my much-awaited Baguio getaway is Azalea Hotels and Residences.


Azalea Hotels and Residences

Retreat and transient houses have become popular in Baguio ever since I can remember. And Azalea Hotels and Residences have actually raised the standards of that traditional vacation getaway being the first and only 4-star apartment hotel in the City of Pines.

azalea-baguio29 azalea-baguio33

Azalea is actually a flower that symbolizes hope, hence you can notice flower decors in their luxurious interiors. Elegantly modern, Azalea offers accommodations suitable for family, “barkada” or group of friends and even couples on a romantic getaway.


Hit the Hay

Our group stayed in one of their two bedroom apartment suites. Simple yet really cozy, I like the minimalist feel of the room on white interiors. The contemporary ambience built on concrete walls and floors are accentuated by some wooden furniture and even doors. Being a wanderer and an enthusiastic travel photographer, I greatly appreciate the hugely framed old photo of Session Road they put on display.


I’ve been to some sophisticated hotels before and I can say Azalea Hotels and Residences plays the game more than lavishly well. And one thing that sets them apart is that they made me feel home, they are actually among the few ones that gave me that home-away-from-home vacation.

Room and Bed

The 60-sqm bedroom is more than spacious for our group of six adults. Apart from the Master’s bedroom, our apartment suite also have two other spacious rooms. I like how our bed is not overly soft with smooth linen and comforter. Each room has its own television set and can be made colder with the large wooden ceiling fan. Huge cabinets with hangers and bath robes are available. I also noticed there are a lot of electrical sockets in different parts of the room.


Kitchen and Dining

Rarely do I get to see a nicely set kitchen and dining in a hotel suite for an affordable price as offered by Azalea Hotels and Residences. I think their kitchen and dining is almost complete with the basics – refrigerator, microwave oven, dinnerware set, electric water kettle and cooking paraphernalia. And yes, the marble mini bar rocks!



Our room has two wide and clean bathrooms complete with toiletries. I like the Azalea branded bath amenities especially their body wash. My non-negotiable hot shower is also available.

azalea-baguio2 azalea-baguio3

On the Plate

Tradisyon Coffee Shop is Azalea’s very own restaurant. Open from 6AM-10PM daily, it can accommodate approximately 70 guests. As its name “Tradisyon” (tradition) implies, the restaurant’s atmosphere aside from its food speaks so much of Filipino culture evident on its wooden tables and chairs. I’m amazed with the several small chandeliers that contributed to the classy vibe of the place.

azalea-baguio17 azalea-baguio14azalea-baguio18

Azalea’s morning buffet include breakfast favorites like tocino, adobo, corned beef and bacon. Don’t miss their signature hot chocolate, too! During one of our lunches, we get to try much loved Filipino cuisines like Kare-kare and Sisig. I seldom eat Kare-kare (which I know is a bit weird because it’s one of Filipino’s popular dishes) but I surprisingly like Tradisyon’s version of Kare-kare.

azalea-baguio13 azalea-baguio10 azalea-baguio11

Aside from the traditional food, Tradisyon Coffee Shop also offers international cuisines. They actually have scheduled themed buffet meals like Mongolian and Pizza and Pasta buffet. If you don’t want to avail their buffet, you can opt to have ala carte meals.

Mongolian Buffet

Feel free to create your own Mongolian meal with 21 different sauces! In case you don’t know what to mix and match, you can ask the staff to make one for you.

azalea-baguio8 azalea-baguio9 azalea-baguio19 azalea-baguio16 azalea-baguio12azalea-baguio15

Pizza and Pasta Buffet

azalea-baguio23 azalea-baguio21 azalea-baguio24azalea-baguio20 azalea-baguio22

Traveler’s Tips

  • Azalea Hotels and Residences location is near Baguio city’s tourist attractions.
  • You can also avail of their vacation packages that include accommodations, transportation and Baguio city tour.
  • Availing their membership means lots of perks and discounts!


  • Aside from the Tradisyon Coffee Shop, they also have a bar called 8 Degrees Bar Lounge in case you want to grab a drink.
  • A small playground is available for kids.
  • With rooms scattered on several floors, the hotel is equipped with elevators.


It was more than a decade indeed. And the total experience Azalea Hotels and Residences provided me compensated for all those years I’ve been wanting to go back to Baguio. I’ve waited for so long. And Azalea made all the wait worth it.

Money to Burn

*For updated rates, please visit Azalea’s website.

Disclosure: My accommodation is courtesy of the joint partnership of Travel Book PH, TAG Media & Public Relations and Azalea Hotels and Residences. Nevertheless, I wrote this article with my own insights influenced by my personal experience.

Azalea Hotels and Residences

Address: No. 7 Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City
Contact Details: Baguio – (+6374) 4248710 / Manila – (+632) 4501151

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  1. We always stay at The Manor at Camp John Hay whenever me and hubby go to Baguio. I’m planning to have a vacation with the whole family and the 3-bedroom suite of Azalea looks like a perfect accommodation option. The food looks yummy too especially the Kare-kare!

  2. Kerr Quevedo says:

    These deals look great. Hopefully I’ll get to stay here when I ‘hopefully’ visit Baguio.

  3. Joanna says:

    It looks like a very pretty place to stay with your friends. It’s nice when you can book an apartment that is big enough for 6 people, together with a kitchen a nice balcony where you can all enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

  4. Maria says:

    The place looks nice and the food looks yummy! It’s spacious enough for a group of friends or even a family to stay in.

    I would wish they would have promos for students or travellers on a strict budget. 😀

  5. Tesle Telan says:

    I wish I could also have a fun staycation like this soon!! 🙂 The buffet!!! 😀 Wow. You really know how take good photos. What camera did you use? xoxo, T

  6. Alison says:

    This place looks like a great place to stay when you are on vacation. I like that it is apartment style and you have access to the kitchen. The food looked amazing! I love the Mongolian buffet!

  7. That’s great that you had such a lovely experience. There’s just something so nice about staying in a comfortable apartment away from home. And I would love to try the restaurant. The food looks delicious! I have never even had Filipino food, let alone Mongolian food!

  8. Nina Sogue says:

    Hi Arrianne 🙂 Glad to know you enjoyed. I’ve seen a lot of pics about this Baguio trip. Hope I can join someday 🙂

  9. Azalea looks like a European townhouse! It’s great to transport yourself and give you a feeling of being ‘abroad’ while still being in the Philippines. Baguio in itself already feels like I’m somewhere abroad too, but the beautiful interiors and architecture of the hotel makes it even better.

    Rachel Arandilla /

  10. sabine says:

    It looks like a luxury resort. All the choice of food is just amazing. This is a great place to go to with family or a group of friends and completely chill and relax. I would love to have some romantic time here as well with my fiancé. xo Sabine

  11. ROBERT LEE says:

    Ok din iyan lalo if I am with a group of people. Pwede rin ang Azalea for the comfort and urban setting. Ang importante masarap ang tulog at masarap maligo.

  12. alison says:

    It is so beautiful there! I love having access to the kitchen and that one is amazing. I love being able to share a meal in our room together. I also like the linens on the bed. That buffet is perfect to start the morning. Everything looks great!

  13. Sam says:

    I was invited for a PR event with Azalea but it was unfortunate that I can’t go. Still, I heard of its beauty and “mystery” if you know what I mean. They really have awesome activities for the bloggers!

  14. Sonnie says:

    I agree that the minimalist design is elegant and classy, plus a fully functional kitchen! This is a great place to stay for the not so budget conscious family.

  15. Ten says:

    Ah nice place, one of the top hotel in Baguio. but never tried checking in here. maybe next time and thanks for sharing their rate.

  16. My family used to go to Baguio four times a year when I was younger because of the harsh Manila heat. Not even once did we check in a hotel since we have a cottage there. This review review, though, makes me want to invite them to check out Azalea Residences.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. aika loraine says:

    why am i seeing a lot of people going here? i think i really need to check. 🙂 Azalea intrigues me a lot now. Anyway, looks like you enjoyed your stay, Lucky you of trying the service. How’s the ambiance?

  18. Tesle Telan says:

    Wow! I’d really love to go here soon! I think this would be a perfect getaway with my loved ones. Baguio is my favorite travel destination! 🙂

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