Arrianne Guzman


Discovering Siquijor Island: The Truth and the Fallacy


Much has been told about the island of Siquijor. Folk legends share the existence of witchcraft in the place. During my teenage years, I remember watching Siquijor documentaries about “witches” making paper dolls dance without strings. You’ll also hear about their famous “mananambal” or folk healer. Witchcraft and black magic stories had indeed gave Siquijor […]

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Summer Haven at Blue Coral Beach Resort


With the summer heat continuing to sprawl all over the metro, we found Blue Coral beach resort to give us a refreshing atmosphere. Situated three to four hours away from Manila, we packed our things and headed our way to Laiya, Batangas.

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Untainted Coron Paradise


After getting our flight booked at a Travel Expo, we were more than excited to get our feet landed in the very beautiful Coron Island. Full with a heavy breakfast, we eagerly waited for our flight. To our huge disappointment, our flight got delayed. It was only after two hours of waiting that we were […]

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